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  • Marphiny

    I just recently attended a circuit assembly and they asked that you did not share any video with anyone and I’m just wondering why this is

  • Finkelstein

    Its because they dont want people taking videos of the public talks, over the possibility of identifying who's giving the talks and its pertaining content.

    Videos are mostly digital now days making them easily available to be posted onto social media or YouTube etc.

    They dont want people randomly self evaluating and examining the content of those talks or using the Bible as a comparison reference without " their " chosen select Scriptures.

    The WTS/JWorg is and has been an actively commercialized false prophet for over 100 years and it wants to conceal that bit of information to newly interested ones and to outside observers.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome MARPHINY.

    The internet & social media is the biggest threat to the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society - aka JW's - in its entire history!

    The WTBTS/JW's are right to be paranoid, because the org's cult status is now clearly exposed.

  • Atlantis


    Just think of what it costs a JW to go to a convention or assembly.


    Just think how much money the Watchtower makes from their conventions and assemblies.

    A JW is NOT going to go to a convention or assembly and burden all that cost, if they can sit in their living room smacking down buttered popcorn and see the convention FOR FREE!

    The Watchtower is also afraid that in some way apostates will get a-hold of one of their videos and "alter" it in some way to make the Watchtower look bad to the public.

    The Watchtower lives in FEAR and therefore so do JW's.

    Atlantis....(You know, that buttered popcorn sounds good about right now!)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This is a highly narcissistic and paranoid group of people who believe that the world revolves around them and everything they say and do is of utmost significance. They are certain that everyone on earth and in heaven is watching them and or out to get them. Their fear and need to control everything and everyone demonstrates that they have very little faith in the god they claim to belong to.

  • jws

    I’m with Atlantis. They didn’t say don’t share it online, only with JWs. Don’t share it at all.

    If your JW friends and relatives are watching it from home, there’s no collection box nearby.

    Hell, don’t they have the means to not rent out buildings? Just live stream to Kingdum Halls, but they don’t.

  • stillin

    The "cover story" for saying this is that you wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of the assembly talks for those who have yet to go.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    They used to say don't record the talks unless it's for a family member - I guess if they were sick and didn't make it.

    In reality, it made it easier to deny that any specific thing had been said from the podium. It allows them to wiggle free of responsibility. But there are a few talks that made it to the internet that reveal what was really said.

    I wish that I had a recording of the assembly probably 10 years ago, that mocked the very people that had followed the WT encouragement, that 1975 was going to see Armageddon. That was coupled with Harold Camping predicting a specific day for the end of the world. The speaker even gave this slow Ha Ha Ha over it. It made me so mad because sincere people had given up homes and businesses to pioneer or do more. Just two years ago, they had a video that called those followers, weak spiritually for "following a date" Yes, it was a date that the WT promoted.

  • smiddy3

    I just recently attended a circuit assembly and they asked that you did not share any video with anyone .

    Because people can download those videos and pick holes in everything they say and use it at a later date against them and spread it all over the internet for all to see.

    Just a couple of things IBSA /now JW`s used to claim :

    Jesus second presence happened in 1874

    Armageddon was to happen in 1914

    Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,etc were to be resurrected in 1925

    Six thousand years of human history ended in 1975 ,previously they said it was late 18th Century

    And the 1000 year of Christ rule was to begin .

    The end was going to happen before the twentieth Century ended .

    In the 1920`s Millions Now living will never die

    The anointed number was to get smaller and smaller as the day drew near .( And the opposite is happening)

    And there is so much more.

    Welcome Marphiny you will learn much more about JW`s on this site than you will ever know going to a Kingdom hall

  • Bobcat

    Question: Is there any legal strength behind their instruction not to share videos of the assemblies and conventions? Or are they just saying it and hoping their perceived authority compels people to obey?

    They are renting/owning the facility. But the gathering is open to the public as advertised by them. I was curious about the legal issues of letting people video but instructing them not to share.

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