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  • carla

    I have a question regarding the current blood card- Did the blood card always have a spot where the jw gives the elders the authority to pull the plug (so to speak) and to admit them to a long term facility? as well as no blood, naturally.

    If the elders have no financial responsibility how is this possible? The elders could make the spouse end up responsible for all medical care even if the jw had changed their mind or outright lied to the spouse about all of it as jw's are prone to do.

    Have there been legal battles between adult patient families and jw elders?

    Also, I did not notice the spot for allowing fractions or which ones, etc... is that still on current blood cards?

    As a ubm this makes me sick to my stomach to think at the point of death me & my family will have to deal with jw's yet again.

  • Atlantis

    Let me see if this might be what you are looking for or might help.

    Advanced Decision and Card (2023--See page 2 for card)

    And then there was a letter in there with some information but I think that was just for Ireland so that may not help any.

    And then there was a letter about HLC and blood cards in there somewhere, ok here it is.

    Some of this stuff might help out some.

  • ThomasMore

    The "Advanced Medical Directive" has always been a moving target. It is versioned by state in an attempt to go unchallenged. Some 1st responders have been known to discard it if found on the person - it is legally binding if signed and witnessed properly.

    End of life is covered since it can give Power of Attorney for (medical procedures only) to another person named if the card holder is incapacitated. There have been endless legal objections by non-JW family members over the decades, but the courts usually folllow the decisions of the cardholder.

    I am a firm believer in making my own end of life decisions so I don't object to that section at all. As for the stipulations on blood, it should be a personal decision made by the cardholder without any pressure from congregation elders, family, friends or HLC. Many JWs prefer not to carry the card because they disagree with the blood doctrine altogether, but are afraid to speak out. As a result, they often get no say in the decision-making if they lose consiousness before they can express their wishes.

    In the near future, I expect the AMD (blood card) to metamorph into something more akin to a simple DPA with little or no mentioon of blood and fractions. It would be the smart thing for WTC to do.

  • Atlantis

    In the 2024-April Elder manual you might also find some good information. There are several hits when you search the word (Blood) in this manual.

    Let me see what else I can find. What is in this folder? OOP's that's my half eaten donut I have been looking for! Well, anyway, some of this stuff might help out.
  • carla

    Thanks so much Grandpa & Thomas!

  • Atlantis
  • Gorb

    End of life when the testament benefits Watchtower. Take care!


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Blanket authority given to the HLC on the form.. Bull##. I know one HLC member who thinks heis hot shit. Pestered wifes nurse with personal questions when visiting. Broke HIPPA.

    My doctor had a form with better wording on end decisions.

  • ThomasMore

    Only named individuals on the DPA have authority, and ONLY when the person is incapacitated. HLC have zero say if they are not specifically named on the document - as one would expect.

    It is/was common for HLC to skirt HIPPA in attempts to circumvent privacy and control the situation. Some sincerely think that they are justified but it is still illegal. Nurses still get fired for violating patient privacy. Putting hospital personnel in a position that could cost them their job is really thoughtless. Violations of this type can follow a medical worker as they seek employment after job loss.

  • BluesBrother

    Thank you Atlantis, I have wanted an up to date copy of the blood card for some time. I should have come to you , all the best. ….

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