1st it was happy at bethel now it also appears in the KH

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  • DesirousOfChange


    I can think of a couple of old fart Elders in our Cong that would be turning over in their graves just due to 4 or 5 guys there in PURPLE shirts! (Latent homosexuality?)

  • scratchme1010

    Well, it's official. The world has just gone mad.


    In the preparation video at 3:54 mins the brother says that they were looking for a nice place to have their entertainment evening and never dreamed of being able to book the Buckhead theatre.


    Jehovah was the one who handed them the theatre to use, lol. What a load of crap.

    Just noticed he also says that Jehovahs music will be performed and that it will be an opportunity to hear Jehovahs music as it would have been performed in King Davids day.

    Hmm Johnny B Goode ? Is that Jehovahs music ? He he.

  • Giordano

    Yes it's official the JW's have finally busted their way into the latre 1930's!

    Here's the original performance of Sing Sing Sing...... it's primal drumming interlaced with sweet and robust harmonies put the Benny Goodman orchestra into the national spotlight.

    Note the musician's were all in formal tuxedo's for their Carnegie Hall debut.

    The audience quickly caught on sitting in proper attendance while their feet gave them away. This is considered one of the greatest live jazz performances by a band of this size.


  • Lostandfound

    Maybe all those reassignd Bethelites could do “happy at homeless and jobless” Happy happy happy such joy getting cast aside like a banana skin. Oh Joy!

  • flipper

    " We're so happy they're selling our kingdom hall ,

    and we might have to travel so far ,

    We're so happy Babylon the Great will fall ,

    but we'll still put our head in a jar ,

    We're so happy for our spiritual food ,

    we don't have to feed ourself ,

    We're so happy that we're never rude

    we just put our brains on a shelf ! Yeah, we're happy ! Yeah ! "

    To be sung to the tune of " Happy " . Sorry, I couldn't restrain myself. Just the songwriter coming out in me

  • jaydee
  • sparrowdown

    "Step...clap...swim...jerk..." WTF! I thought jerking wasn't allowed, now the sisters are giving instuctions from the platorm???

  • sparrowdown

    The sequel video will be Happy at my Judicial Committee lol.

  • stuckinarut2

    So when will they be doing OTHER songs from Pharrell's catalogue?

    "Drop it like its hot " with Snoop Dogg...(A fine upstanding Witness)

    "Hunter" (a sexually charged song about a random hook-up?)

    "She wants to move" with N.E.R.D (A suggestive song...)

    "Frontin" with Jay Z (another fine upstanding moral artist)

    Yep....it goes on!

    (Just for the record, I personally like many of those tracks....but they would hardly be suitable for Witnesses to promote!)

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