Help needed - sources on sale if Watchtower properties to religious organizations

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    Hello everybody. Could you, please, help with finding sources. I need a list of kingdom halls, Bethel's or just any properties sold by the Watchtower to religious or political organisation. It would be the best if it was on one of official jw websites. I need proof for my spouse that they officially condemn working with or for churches (one of the latest Watchtowers) but in fact they support them by passing on their halls for religious use. Many thanks upfront. I know you are great source of information and will help.

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    stan livedeath

    not quite the answer you want...but possibly even worse....the quick build hall where i live was sold recently..asking price was £500,000...the congregation now has to share a hall in a different town..the hall is a modern purpose built church built for some other religion that sold it do the jw's.

    How can the watchtower justify that.?

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    Hope u get more answers.. I tried this a few weeks ago but no substantial replies.. would be a great thing to know seeing that they put down so many "false" religions and yet sell to them for the buck.

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    Isn't there any local halls in your area that have been sold to churches? I would guess 9 out 10 halls have. There was one in n.y. state ( near buffalo?) that is now a mosque!
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    Leominster Massachusetts sold to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana...

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    With respect to the original poster , you are hardly likely to see any list on JW dot org of KHs or Bethels sold to other religions - they obviously try to keep such matters quiet in case it "stumbles" anyone.

    Further to previous posts , note an example in Aberdeen , UK where the 2 churches (JW & Unitarians ) basically swapped churches.

    Also in USA , an assembly hall complex was sold to Traders Point church.

    And in Australia - assembly hall was sold to the Hindus.

    Hundred of other occasions when KHs are sold to the churches. Just google it.

    That being said , I also have always found it hypocritical that individual JWs are sanctioned for any "dealings" with Babylon the great ( repeated again in the October 2019 Watchtower ) , while the organisation has no problem negotiating at length and doing business with the churches ( whom they decry in the magazines as "Satanic" and "the harlot" but , for example , when selling the NZ Bethel to the Pentecostal Elohim church saying how they pleased they were that a similar "faith group" had bought the building ).

    Can you imagine Solomon having long negotiations with Baal religious leaders before selling the temple to them? Bizarre....

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    Many thanks. All help, sources much appreciated:)

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    Former reformed church Simon Stevinstraat, Amsterdam. Now a kingdom hall.

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