Russell and the Jehovah's Witnesses are mentioned in article: "Will the world end on Saturday?"

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  • pseudoxristos

    Google news featured the following article

    Will the world end on Saturday?
    Then there were the followers of Charles Taze Russell, a 19th-century preacher who looked for Jesus’ return and the resurrection of the dead (Christians only, please) in 1878 (and again in 1914). They became Jehovah’s Witnesses, who now ring doorbells around the world (and are persecuted for it in some places — looking at you, Russia).

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  • WTWizard

    Every time they proclaim a specific date and time for the world to end, they blow it. Instead, they are trying to dominate the world so they can enslave everyone, and there is no way of knowing exactly when it will happen. It will happen when they succeed in fully implementing communism (and Christi-SCAM-ity and Islam both count as communism, as they are the same program) in the whole world. While they have deadlines in getting RFID chips in everyone, it is not possible to predict how long it will take to round up the stragglers and send them to the gulags or forcibly implant them, too.

    Astrology can help, but it is not perfect either. The big banks have too many wild cards to play, and even though Neptune transiting 9 degrees of Pisces should have rendered the dollar to be toilet paper, they successfully held that off for an even worse crash ahead (impossible to predict the exact date with certainty). The stock market will want to crash this fall--Saturn still in late Sagittarius, with the sun in Libra. But, will the Fed let it, or continue propping it up? Will they issue executive orders to require people to invest in worthless stocks (and make it illegal to sell)?

    As for World War III, Saturn and Pluto provide a clue as to when it is most likely--they conjunct at 22 Capricorn, and that happens in January 2020. The leaders might rush ahead and do it sooner, or delay it to ensnare more people. Or, the RFID program could be so successful that they don't "need" World War III. Mandatory flu shots and food that is deficient in key nutrients could do the same thing. There simply is no way of knowing with perfect certainty exactly how or when they are going to impose full communism and turn us all into greys.

    The best you can do is to keep a watch, but not be totally obsessed with a key date. Yes, buy silver and gold against the chance of a stock market crash this fall but with the proviso that they could prop it up or even require people to buy a bad stock market. Yes, prepare for emergencies by having extra supplies and rechargeable batteries but do not be too picky about a date (even if they are planning a grid down false flag as they did in November 2013, something could foul up their plans but your preparations could be good when a snowstorm or hurricane knocks out your power).

  • smiddy3

    C.T.Russell did predict the end of the "World in 1914 as we know it " and all of his believers going to heaven.

    Of course when it didnt happen ,they had to give reasons for this not happening .

    Which eventually gave birth to the doctrine of "The light gets brighter day by day " in other words when your prophecies dont come true blame it on the light gets brighter and we will come up with another interpretation .

    Thats why we have old truths and new truths , and present truths ,what could be more simpler than that.

    When our expectations ,evident realities don`t come to fruition ,it`s because we havent kept up with God`s chariot ,the new light ?

    So the next time JW`s call on your door or you come across a JW cart make sure you get the present truth and not the old truth ,however make sure you ask them if they have the future truth because that should be more beneficial to you.

  • venus

    SO is it Sister Lucia or Sister Fatima? They seem to be interchangable.

    cetusnews is such a professional and accredited news agency that it must be

  • eyeuse2badub

    Still amazes me how we fell for this bullshit for so many years as jw's! Always looking for a "sign" that the end was near! lol

    just saying!

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