MIDNIGHT MASS on Netflix is extraordinary (horror)

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  • Terry

    The thing about fiction is (drumroll please) it is inconsistent with reality.
    Logic, per se, is optional.
    A Zombie, for instance, has an appetite for brains and yet - does not poop.
    If we insist on consistency and rational consequences (as in the real world) we
    have to give up watching Zombie movies.

    Superman "flies" by having originated on a planet with greater gravitational force.
    In the source comics, his propulsion was a leap. Yet that leap has disappeared from movies and - how does he steer or accelerate? At some point, the audience must give up the tenuous hold on reality to participate in the enjoyment.

    Religion is many things to many people and those who are OCD often become Puritanical and insist on cleansing rituals and tests of Orthodoxy. There are 40,000

    denominations of Christianity - each with separate nitpicks (enough to separate themselves from other Christians into a defined group.)

    What is my point?

    We bring to a work of art preconceptions and neuroses of our own personality with built-in expectations and do one of two things:
    1. Park our sense of logic at the door and "suspend disbelief" or we...
    2. Demand a perfectionist view of tightly plotted Agatha Christie-style puzzle solving.

    Certainly, none of us can say what's right for others but, in my 74 years of experience, those who do not or cannot suspend disbelief are unhappy most of the time.

    Religion (for me) borders on mental illness but can in some instances keep lunatics contained in a tightly bound environment and instill a measure of reward and punishment existence "enough" to make them less dangerous :)

    Scripture is not fact and is certainly devoid of science or reality and cannot be used to enforce rules on fiction or especially Horror.
    Adam's rib had male DNA and if EVE were made from that DNA ...well, the story of Eden is one of Adam and Steve after all :)

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