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  • ryebass

    Looking for anyone who was a regular at this congregation back in the 70's and 80's; my father just passed away and these were golden years for me (inextricable from my youth) despite any ill-feeling or resentment I may hold towards the faith at this point in my life (my father remained a witness until his death a few days ago).

    Thanks in advance.

  • smiddy

    Welcome ryebass to the forum. I`m sorry for the loss of your father ,no doubt he had expectation of living to see paradise restored to the earth or he had hope of being taken to heaven as an annointed one.

    In any case he died before any of these things eventuated. Like so many before him.

    And so many will have this dissappointment after him.

    I can relate to many good times my family and I had while we were JW`s at socialising outside of KH meetings restuarants ,camping ,getting together at friends homes for scrabble ,drinks,or watching football.

    Maybe I was in a more liberal Congregation than most.

    I was a MS who hung around with Elders.

    I`m sorry I`m not anywhere near Springfield MA, I just wanted to welcome you and hopefully make you feel a little bit at home here

    I`m actually in Australia.

    Take care.

  • crashandburn

    I am from springfield ryebass if there is anything i can be of service email me at [email protected]

  • respectful_observer

    I suggest you also post over on the exjw reddit, as there are a few people there from the Greater Springfield area (e.g., Chicopee, etc.)

  • darkspilver
  • ryebass

    Thanks for all the responses, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Diogenesister

    I'm in the UK but I'm sorry for your loss and I can certainly empathize with the emotions associated with the stirrings of golden memories.

    If only.....I'm so sorry, I really am. I feel ya.

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