"Theocratic Warfare" still alive and well within Watchtower in 2016!

by ILoveTTATT2 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    This loophole is exactly why they lie, lie, lie their asses off to the sheeple at every single meeting in every single piece of crap literature. The dumb sheeple are not entitled to the truth about -WT history, child abuse etc etc.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Should someone forward this to the Austrailian RC or are they done now? They did ask about theocratic warfare afterall, and this would be a great additional peice of evidence to demonstrate that it was very likely that the elders were lying constantly (though from their findings it seems that they'd already worked that out)
  • Vidiot

    @ OneEyedJoe...

    They did.

    One RC rep - as part of the proceedings - even asked a JW elder who'd been called to testify if he'd heard of the term.

    There was something bizarrely ironic about seeing said elder trying to use "theocratic warfare" to refute the existence of "theocratic warfare"...


    So, the WTBTS must not believe that Jeehoobar's "Superior Authorities" are entitled to Da Troof..... 😈


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