God answers JW prayers about trivialities while ignoring the abuse of little children

by jambon1 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • redvip2000

    This made me start thinking of how interesting it would be for someone who is "awake" and who is asked to pray over a meal, to thank God for that meal and then go on to ask why he has not provided the same to all the starving children in Africa, and point out that before the end of this prayer, another child will die.

    Sadly nobody asks me to pray anymore, but I would cherish to have the opportunity to see the look on people faces after the amen.

  • steve2

    "Sadly nobody asks me to pray anymore"

    Happily, Jehovah can relax; you won't be called upon to call him to account in group prayer for his vile religious nepotism.

  • Spoletta

    There's just no way to rationalize it. It's merely coincidence when a prayer seems to be answered.

    Some comedian once said that if prayer worked, the home team would never lose at sporting events.

  • steve2

    Or if the home team lost despite prayer, they'd soon realize it was because of something bad or sinful one or more of their number had committed in the lead up to the game.

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