This Poster Deserves a Prophet Prize

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    The post was close to what they are doing, but they cannot be farther from them being in bad financial shape. They are in the business of real estate, they got pretty much every KH turned to them for free and sold them and consolidated their properties. They are richer than ever, not losing money.

  • berrygerry

    They could do away with the Awake altogether. Other literature items could be scaled back to just cover the publishers and family.

    I remember a few years ago trying to guess what steps the WTS would take to cut back on expenses(scaling back the Awake to once a month!). Applying Matt. 24:14 was genius. I never even thought of that route. What a great way to eliminate a wasteful printing program. Tie it into bible prophecy - the r&f will easily fall for that excuse. Plus, it covers over the fact that they are getting killed with their expenses. The jdubs will never know what is really going on. They will simply get all fired up that the work is ending and armageddon is sooo close now!

    I wouldn't be surprised if they just used tracts out in service, if they continue to go out in service. I imagine that there will still be some sort of field activity to qualify brothers for work and to keep tabs on the r&f's "faith meter."

    Pretty good guessing for 10 years ago.

  • Finkelstein

    He was right, now the WTS is in its richest financial state since its inception.

    The WTS announced a year ago or so that it was in dire financial straights, even after it secretly sold off many of its branches around the world.

    Once again the WTS is deceptive and lying in more ways than most people realize.

    Remember kids to give your candy money your parents give you, to instead give to the WTS., it will please Jehovah very much.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    If greed is the reason for the WTS deceptive and lying, who benefits??? We know the GB fly first class and live well but is there one or more person who can walk into a bank and write a check for thousands of dollar because there is no oversight. If the WT close their doors today who would inherit the fortune???? It would be nice to have an independent audit. We may be surprise to see the saving and checking account of some of the GB members, well it wouldn't surprise me. The GB is more corrupt than our president candidates, unless they really believe they speak for GOD and if so they are mental and anything can happen.

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    The WTB&TS have definetly got a PROFIT prize .

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