Obedience At Its Blindest

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    "What an idiot", is correct....


  • fulltimestudent

    We were once, Data-dog - ALL idiots (here).

    That text used to be one of my favourites, I used it so often, working it into talk after talk (being encouraging to the brotherhood, of course!)

    I could just imagine YHWH/JESUS, hiding me somewhere, somehow, until the horrors of the big A were over, and coming out from my hidden-place to the .... Oh! bugger it, why wake up false hopes?

    That poor deluded woman will in the not to distant future - die, as all the 'mature brothers' of my youth have died and I will also.

  • Nevuela

    Ozman and zeb - Sanchy managed to post the image for me. Thank you, Sanchy! How did you manage it?

  • zeb

    Wt 'cherry-picks' items that are physical and those that are a metaphor and it uses them as it sees fit. The inner rooms could mean a physical place or a way of thinking. As the wt relies heavily on the works of Wescott and Hort then their translations will be suspect as these two gentlemen were into the occult and influenced thereby. (please go to scattered Christians.org.)

    I have always felt that there is information or chapters missing from the scriptures and/or from our understanding.

    Because Wt makes a statement does not make it fact.Frequently the wt study articles in my time were prefixed by 'proofs' like 'we conclude',' therefore we must believe', 'it makes sense that', and the like. When wrong they remove proofs of that. Most recently was get rid of old wt cd libraries.

    Go to inner rooms as per the video and then what as the street thugs bash down the door... what happens? If Jehovah miraculously saves these people why isn't it shown? Why because that would provide relief and the wt want tension and fear.

  • Vidiot

    Statements by JW loyalists on the net are always freaky.

    Like, Jim Jones and Waco freaky.

    Great thread title, BTW.

  • Sanchy

    You are welcome Nevuela. I have a tumblr account, so I just saved the pic and uploaded it on here direct from my drive.

  • BluesBrother

    Having found and read your posts under "Ponderings of a Worldly Person" , the situation of an anointed roommate is clearer to me now.

    The stuff she put up is a straight quote of the WTS and was standard fare that we would talk about all the time back in the day... Hey, I have taught it even from the platform - to my regret now.

    You said elsewhere that she is of the same age group as us oldie ones. That figures. It is more of the mind set of us raised on the rejection of "Satan's World" and all it stood for

  • Nevuela

    Vidiot Thanks! ^_^

    Sanchy - I have the screenshot on my laptop, and have tried multiple times to upload it directly to this thread, but each time I do, it either doesn't appear, or does but then vanishes the instant I leave or refresh the page. :/

  • Lieu

    Where oh where is the proof the GB has been "authorized" by anyone to do anything? Poor elder lady :-(

  • Tenacious

    Having to read the screenshot and subsequent replies to it just ruined my entire Sunday. But it is greatly appreciated in all sincerity. Appreciated in the sense that it's a good reminder to remain vigilant and awake and keep fighting the good fight against this monster of a cult.

    Okay, now I'm going to go throw up.

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