Obedience At Its Blindest

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  • Nevuela

    Just a little something my "anointed" roommate posted on Facebook a few months ago, along with replies from her fellow JWs. It was chilling to read, so I took a screenshot and saved it for future reference.

    Please feel free to share your own stories of blind obedience within the org. I am interested in hearing about specific instances rather than generalized experiences.

  • Landy


  • Nevuela

    The screenshot was here earlier. No idea where it went.

  • Nevuela

    I'm trying to repost it, it shows up, but as soon as I refresh the page, it's gone. Why is this happening? And why are we not allowed to edit our own comments more than a minute or so after posting? I've noticed that the edit option disappears soon afterwards.

  • Nevuela

    Here, try this link

  • Ozman

    Hi Nevuela. I tried the link but it seems you need a tumbler account to use it? I think I also accidentally pressed the dislike button & cannot change that. My apologies. ...look forward to reading the story once I can access it. May I ask what the gist of the story & replies is?

  • zeb

    same here.. thanks.


    If your friend is "anointed", the last thing they will do, is follow the Watchtower leaders.....


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    You can't criticize an anointed without divine retribution. Your screenshot has been banned by the higher powers.

  • Sanchy

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