Day 1 @ the RC

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  • Shunned Again
    Shunned Again

    Morning part 1. . .Chairmins address. show loyalty by shunning family memebers no mater what.

    part2 Be loyal in thought. No VACATIONS! keep thinking and programing your minds. dont speek out about negative word about current beliefs. just go along and shut up, don't speak bad about elders or the governing body. no sex don't use the interweb except for repeated use of the Jehovah web sights.

    partthree jeff jackspon governing body bible reading.uggh kill your son your family your frineds. get ready to shun for the governing body the greater moses.

    Afternoon,,,ratchet up the fear with prison videos. no violin music. no one hour work at night got to family worship instead. when your praised be like Jesus. don't seek praise, unless your're the governing body, or all the speakers that they keep bragging about all the years they pioneerd.

    all sorts of crap about the org + jehovha

    Nezxt part hate wht Jehovah hates showd pre teen baptism and then df'd as a teen.

    shunned even when wanting help for parents. judgemental assholes!

    Don't be loyal to family or friends.

    All this crap about loyalty to the elders, the governing body, and o hell with your family or friiends. made me so dammed mad I cant type!

  • dbq407
    Sounds like a terrible day. Glad i quit going to those things.
  • zeb

    In Australia we have a cultural norm called mateship. This has stood us well in times of depression, in times of disaster of floods or fire and in times of war. You stick by your mate. (your buddy)

    We don't give a cuss whether he is a catholic, a mason or worships race horses. We accept differences as part of the norm. You help him build his house or get his kids to school if their transport breaks down.

    You might go shopping for them if they are knocked out with illness.

    The call as you say for the jw too distance themselves from anyone not of the 'faith' or who has left it will be largely disregarded; and again I repeat the Awake! of 8th Jan 1947 which stated that, shunning is pagan and "all together foreign to bible teachings".

    I feel the gb are starting to panic!

  • wannaexit

    get ready to shun for the governing body the greater moses.

    did they really say this.

  • zeb

    Perhaps like Moses they wont see 'the promised land' for the same reason of assuming power?

  • Gefangene

    What the hell... be loyal to the gb and elders and eff your family and friends? I have a feeling that this won't go down well with lots of ppl separating the jdub world into two camps

  • ScenicViewer

    get ready to shun for the governing body the greater moses.

    did they really say this.

    I'm curious too, is the governing body now calling itself the greater Moses?

  • prologos

    nit picking here, It appears, that in two scenes of the morning introductory video, (it is on some link on this site), the creek runs uphill from the brink, and in one sun-up sunset, the waves move off shore. The arrow of time was never a forte of the WBtS. inc.

  • JustMe2
    no violin music


  • Crazyguy

    We should all start posts on the Internet asking if this gb is really in fact the man of lawlessness.

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