True, or FAlse?

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    The fact that people leave off association with Jehovah’s Witnesses makes the point that people do get disgusted and leave in spite of the difficulties involved with doing so. Your actions are an example. You finally got tired of something so you left. The point is that circumstances can become unbearable at any point in time. If those circumstances are bad enough earlier on—as so many have indicated—then they would have left earlier on. That they did not leave earlier on demonstrates some redeeming feature of continued association. I hardly see how anyone can disagree.

    None of this intends to minimize suffering experienced along the way. Also, each experience will not follow the profile above because some people’s circumstances are unusual.

    As for suffering at the hands of Christian friends and various forms of shunning, yes, I too have experienced both. I will add, however, that my reading of the Bible does not lead me to think that experience with fellow Christians would be free from suffering at the hands of Christian brothers. I think that far too often people determine the expected makeup of a Christian community based upon their own ideals rather than realities set forth in scripture. Very few of us would have survived the rampant egotistical atmosphere amongst Jesus’ twelve apostles. Thankfully most of them had the right stuff!


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  • Scorpion


    I ceased to be involved as well as my family, and yes, we are shunned. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    My true friends and family are the ones that I have neglected and they have accepted me and my family all this time as we are. Whether a Jehovah's Witness or not.

  • Simon

    Hi Kismet
    We're going to be flying to Calgary and then driving down to Lethbridge. Let me know if that's anywhere near you and we'll go for a drink.

  • Pathofthorns

    LOL Simon. You are a 3.5 hour flight away from Toronto.

    Hey Kismet, How about joining me and the homeboys for a drink some time? LOL I'm in the GTA.


  • waiting

    Hey SC,

    Glad to see your name. You mentioned to Andyman that you "ceased to be involved." I was under the impression that you had sent a letter of disassociation to the Society - that would be a big difference in the cong. viewpoint.

    Your wife was never a baptised JW, and if you disassoicated yourself, there would be a strong shunning process in place. I am absolutely not saying that this is correct - or I wouldn't be posting to you as your friend - just looking over the matter.

    Take care.


  • TheBitterTruth

    Hello "Andyman."

    The WTS PR Website raises this question,

    Do you shun former members?

    And the WTS gives this answer:

    [WTS ANSWER:]...Those who simply cease to be involved in the faith are not shunned.

    (Zeph. 3:13)

    This is a masterful example of "Theocratic Strategy/JWs Lying" ... master example of deception to those outside of the organization, and to some who are in too.

    The key word in the above question is "former."

    That's "former," "former," "former."

    Now, ask yourself, how does a person, a brother or sister, become a "former" member ... How does this happen?

    He only becomes this, a "former" member, by WRITING A LETTER OF DISASSOCIATION from the organization of JWs?

    That's How?

    And that's the ONLY way too ... to become a "former" member, without being disfellowshiped. A fact.

    You see, when a brother, ceases association, cuts all ties, goes home, or, ... simply wanders off, moves to a different town and no one knows him there, and thus disappears for years, then suddenly he is found... well ... then, in this case, he is not "shunned," no, no, no, and that is because he is still viewed as a CURRENT MEMBERand not a "former" member, but yes, a CURRENT member of the organization, who has become INACTIVE. An "Inactive" member, he has become now.

    So, he is not shunned.

    A JWs CANNOT become a "former" member by simply "ceasing association" with Jehovah's Witnesses ... and missing meeting, no, no, but he must write a letter (or perhaps join in some "activity" disapproved by the WTS wherein he "disassociates" himself by his conduct...)

    Now, who knows this better than the WTS, the ones who posted this question, in the first place. :-)

    But, a so-called "worldling," outside of the organization of JWs, does not know this... so they are fooled, as are many of JWs who are in complete stupefaction, still within the organization.

    Brothers...please ... The WTS, PR Department, G.B. and company ... are practicing "Theocratic Strategy," Theocratic Lying ... yes, they are again openly, blatantly, brazenly, and unrepentantly LYING, pure and simple... another masterful deception perpetrated upon the world of outsiders who are supposedly inquiring of WTS policy at this Website.

    Jehovah's viewpoint of the above:

    A Train Trip Ahead... I see it...

    "All Liars" next stop .... those "liking and carrying on a lie"... the "lake of fire." -- Rev. 21:8; 22:15

    The "buck" and the train stops here...

    As the ancient Prophet spoke of our time ... he said:

    "As regards the remaining ones of Israel, they will do no unrighteousness, nor speak a lie, nor will there be found in their mouths a tricky tongue ..." -- Zeph. 3:13

    After Jehovah "disciplines" His people... (check the two (2) verses ahead of that verse... 11, 12.)

    Peace unto all of the faithful left, those JAH decides to "let remain", those "remaining ones," from this wretched organization, in the aftermath ... when JAH gets through with these infidels who carry His Name...those "haughtily exultant ones," who show a "tricky tongue." -- Zeph. 3:11-13.


    Jehovah's Witnesses, God's Name People -- Destined to "Fall" and Be "Restored" According to Bible Prophecy -- Isaiah 30:26; Jeremiah 23:19, 20

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  • SolidSender


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  • waiting

    Hey BT,

    Do you shun former members?

    Those who simply cease to be involved in the faith are not shunned....

    I just came from the Society's PR site with this quote.

    And your quote:

    Now, ask yourself, how does a person, a brother or sister, become a "former" member ... How does this happen?

    He only becomes this, a "former" member, by WRITING A LETTER OF DISASSOCIATION from the organization of JWs?

    That's How?

    And that's the ONLY

    way too ... to become a "former" member, without being disfellowshiped. A fact.

    Interesting thought. I agree that "those who simply cease to be involved" are still considered members.

    But the question put forth by the Society, was about the shunning of "former members."

    I agree - former members are not the same as those who cease to be involved.

    Thanks for pointing that out.


  • Kismet

    Solid Sender:

    Thank you for your welcome and for your advisory. I have been around the JW Forums for quite some time and have read Friend's literary works at several different sites.

    While there are times I lean towards your sentiments, I have often found Friend to be a stickler for truth within the minutia.

    Friend has readily admitted (and Friend, correct me if I am wrong- smirk) that the Society has problems. That it isn't perfect. BUt when it comes to the minutest detail he will call people to task if it isn't accurate or if in some way might distort facts.

    For example, if some said that a hateful message was typed in 11 pt TimesNewRoman. Friend would likely focus on the fact that it wasn't Times New Roman it was Garamond font, therefore how much stock can be placed in the rest of your story when you can't even get that little detail right. The font type is really irrelevant but it was in fact inaccurately stated. How can you argue with that?? This is often the type of minutia that seems to concern Friend at times.

    I have supported Friend's position in the past at other Forums but have also debated him. A good debate can be a valuable exercise and Friend does give one a workout. But I also realize that there are times when it is better to remain silent. Timing, and all that...

    Thanks again for your comments.


  • waiting

    Hey Kismet,

    Thanks for the post. When Friend first started here - I took issue with him, broadly. After a while, I learned the error of my ways.

    I may not be right, but I really do try to qualify my statements - or he will take issue. He has made me focus on the argument. Sometimes, I can't even see the argument at hand, but it's a lot more fun and interesting now that I'm getting better at it.

    Enjoyed your comments, thanks.


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