Watchtower Orders Another Hit

by Sea Breeze 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jehalapeno
    Something's not kosher here! Is the org indulging in Trojan Horse tactics?

    If this guy was a trojan horse from the org, why would they issue a subpoena for his identity?

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    I beg to differ. It's very different which is why one will result in a lengthy prison sentence and the other will result in laughter if you claim you were "effectively murdered".
    Tune in next week for "someone brushed past me at the supermarket, it's tantamount to rape"

    On behalf of the many EX-JW suicides who can no longer speak for themselves (including some former posters on this very board); I too beg to differ.

    Would most have committed suicide if they had not lost their families? No. So, who killed who?

    I understand your point from a legal perspective. But even from that point of view, others have been successfully prosecuted from influencing a suicide. Suicide and those who influence it, is not a laughing matter. It is a tragedy.

    There are of course may legal issues with all this, and I'm not convinced we should change laws to include the WT for influencing suicides because of a whole range of freedom issues..... but I'm not sure we shouldn't try either. I'd have to think about it more.

    But certainly from the viewpoint of an Ultimate Judge, the WT has blood on their hands.

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