A Comment by Lieu Made It Obvious That I Could Not Be A JW in 2016

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  • TMS

    The following comment by Lieu on another topic shows me that I would be totally frustrated, actually exasperated, stifled and depressed in the modern form of JWdom: "Therein lies the real problem Billy, no one is paying any attention at regular meetings let alone conventions. It's too boring, intentionally I think. Humans aren't hardwired to sit through hours of lecture with no interactions. No one learns anything in such a manner. No matter the size, you can't ask any questions so you sit there ... just being.

    My entire JW experience, from giving talks in the Theocratic Ministry School at age 6 to public talks at 17 was based on participation. Never did I go to a meeting flat-footed without totally knowing the material, having looked up the cited scriptures, etc., not to dominate the meeting, but to at least make a couple meaningful contributions. My wife of 47 years was of the same bent.

    For years, I kept a taped copy of the 1963 TMS schedule in my "All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial" book, with 40 parts underlined where I volunteered to give the talk when a student did not show up.

    Please, don't take this as self-promotional or narcissistic. It is not. I just realized, after reading Lieu's comment, that I would not have fit in with the current JW world, where, seemingly, the attendee is expected to just occupy a seat and listen.

  • Fisherman

    TMS. "Not everything is at seems." There is more to JW meetings and practice than what appears to be.

  • JWdaughter

    Fisherman, that smacks of Gnostic arrogance. We were there. It's not a mystery religion, just a cult. You are trying to put one over on a bunch of folks who know better.


    "Not everything is at seems." There is more to JW meetings and practice than what appears to be.....Fisherman


  • pale.emperor

    I told my father in law (he's the elder in charge of the school) that i want to come off the ministry school. When he asked why i honestly told him "i enjoyed giving talks. Researching something and then presenting it to the congregation was really interested and enjoyable. Now that's gone how are we to prepare for giving talks before becoming min servants or elders?"

    His reply was "hm! It's not all about YOU you know".

    I said i wasnt making it about me. Learning to speak publicly was something us witnesses prided ourselves on - different from the "other" religions.

    What we have now is just ministry demos.

  • prologos

    What we have now is just ministry demos. yes, no more school. gifted straight A students doing bible readings for 10 years, without even a concluding comment allowed. Wt does not see itself as creating an army of capable virtuoso solo performers but as training hordes of worker drones serving and advertising the machine.

    These demonstrations of family worship night, house to house and back calls, home bible study work probably are meant to filter down into the everyday world of all jws, but how realistic are they? I can not see them ever working in our territory , in our families. a boring dream world of the wt planners.

  • jhine

    I couldn't be a Witness because l am just too gobby ! I have to make comment or ask questions , l wouldn't last 10 mins !


  • sparky1

    "training hordes of worker drones serving and advertising the machine." - prologos

  • Heaven

    "Listen and Obey" is their current mantra. It creates disabled thinkers. They don't want critical thinkers because they can't back up their doctrines. Truth always holds up to scrutiny - Botchtower does not.

    I told my Dad once that the human mind requires variety or else it will get sick. Constantly doing, thinking, and talking "Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah" causes neurological burn in. My Father now suffers from dementia. He will die because of this.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Mental Formatting is a Huge Disrespect to Humans

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