May I ask for help about Egyptian chronology and Neolithic settlements?

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  • Ruby456

    oh paradiseeker this is what set me on the path of getting my degree and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and I have to admit I am so much more tolerant of Jehovah's witnesses nowadays. Don't bother arguing with them cos if it isn't the right time for them nothing at all will make a difference.

  • Ruby456


    you are developing a more global and expansive mindset while your mum seems to want to inhabit a smaller safer world. The film the village is great for showing up such things but if you watch it with your mum you would need to watch the end with her first otherwise she would never watch it.

  • Onager

    I'd like to give a double like to Half Banana's post! Fascinating, thank you.

  • truthlover123

    THis was an issue Ray Franz had in compiling the blue Aid to Bible Knowledge book..he found by visiting museums and speaking with so many archeologists, etc. in the field that dates were really out of range and took the information to the GB who summarily got rid of him over a period of time.. reason -- flood, 1914, Jesus return, etc... all of which and more---the WT faith is built... it would have devastated the great crowd of other sheep........same applies today they do not falter on dates, giving pivotal points of 538 ce 609 ce and 70 ce as times to start counting backwards to reach flood date, etc....citing Daniel as pointing forward to Jesus arrival...

  • LongHairGal


    I felt as you did and wrote to the ‘Society’ about my problems with their chronology and mentioning Egypt. (This was back in the day when I wrote letters and expected an intelligent answer. In time, I found it hopeless).

    I don’t remember exactly what their answer was when they wrote back to me, but it was along the lines that I should not trust in secular chronology.

    This was so long ago and I did a lot of research but I wonder if it was they who might have mentioned that there could have been two pharaohs (one for upper and one for lower Egypt). I then sort of abandoned my fixation on the topic of chronology.

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