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  • rebelfighter

    Do any of you know anything about prescription medications and their reactions?

    The doctors cannot explain why but I react to everything they prescribe to the point that now all my doctors are attempting neutral remedies before medication. Tomorrow I am having surgery to drill a hole in my head to put in a titanium rod and we are doing local instead of general simply because it lessens the amount of needed drugs. The last 2 times I had general anesthesia I ended up in ICU because the drugs messed so bad with my BP it took 2 days to recover and bring it back up to normal. Oh yeah LOL, I reacted to the drugs that they used to bring it up.

    My complaint is everyone else goes to the doctor says this is what is wrong with me. Doctor writes prescription within a couple of days they fell better. NOT me here are my results I either end up in the ER or I feel 10X worse then before the doctors appointment.

    I have asked numerous doctors isn't there a test they can run to see what I can and cannot take. No. One doctor did off handedly say maybe you are missing an enzyme. So is there a test? Got no reply. There has to be some way to find out besides trial and error. As the lady taking the intake for my procedure said you do not have the minor reactions, you get the major reactions to these drugs.

    When I was 62 I found out my dad was not my biological father, ancestry (com) in less then a month found my biological dad through DNA.

    Please keep in mind my BRAIN is wired for Math and Arts -- I do not get any of these sciences, nada none. My kids have finally learned mom does get science or electronic. Please make your answers easy no science terms please. Thank you.

  • TheAceInhibitor

    I made an account solely for the purpose of responding to this lol. There is no catch all answer to your question unfortunately as everyone will have different reactions to medications. Without adequate history of the medications and what the exact reactions (under assumption that they're recorded/accurate) are I can't give an adequate answer.

    In regards to testing there are multiple genetic tests that that can be done to see how someone might respond to a medication. Typically only specific tests are used/routinely recommended for patients receiving specific medications. But you could also have genetic mapping done to provide at your discretion to providers. But again, it's not really recommended at this time due to cost considerations.

    Source: I'm a pharmacist

  • OrphanCrow

    Rebelfighter, I am not sure what your question is.

    However, from your description of how you react to pharmaceuticals, you may have a hyper-sensitive immune system

    I (and my daughter) have problems with reactions to certain classes of drugs

    Have you ever undertaken a series of tests to determine if you have sensitivities to certain substances? An allergy assessment? You may get some clues from taking those tests, if you haven't already. For example, my daughter tested positive for mold allergies and she cannot take penicillin without a reaction

  • TheAceInhibitor

    To add to that comment:

    The other thing to distinguish is between adverse effect(allergy) and side effect. For example, getting stomach upset from penicillin is a side effect, while having throat swelling is an adverse effect


    Do any of you know anything about prescription medications and their reactions?

    Not even your doctor knows what reaction you`ll have,until you take the medication..

    Google the name of your medication..

    It will give you a list of possible side effects for that medication..

    That`s about the best you can do,until you actually take the medication..

  • millie210

    Hows your liver? The problem may not be with the medication or with you as a whole.

    The problem may be with the way your body processes the ingredients in the medication.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    My only comment would be, don't do anything radical in following advice of the inter web. By all means listen to ideas and suggestions but your health is too precious for amateur experimentation.

    I would use any suggestions to educate yourself and work with qualified professionals.

  • millie210

    Welcome to the forum TheAceInhibitor!

  • rebelfighter

    Another attempt to post this response. I have tried 3 times to send a picture of what I carry in my wallet but that did not work.

    Cortisone shots-uncontrolled shaking for hours

    Flonase -severe flu like symptoms

    Keflex &other antibiotics -extreme sleep and unable to waken easily & unable to stay awake

    Lipitor - high BP

    VIOXX - Very hyper & inability to sleep for or sit down for 36 hrs after taking 1 dose

    Tylenol with codeine & other pain medication - very high energy level, not good if the intent is to rest (when released after c-section I cleaned 4,000 Sq ft colonial home and shopped a mall in one day)

    Motrin- causes rapid heart rate

    Paxil- raises BP

    Alka Seltzer flu - 2 doses caused extreme sleep for 2 days

    Zyrtec - 1 dose slept and when awake totally confused for next 24 hours

    Ave lox - throat swelled

    Amox/k Clay - sores in mouth &throat

    Amoxicillin - dizziness

    Contrast dye - sever fluid retention for weeks and boils

    Tram - caused sever flu like symptoms chills and stomach pains

    Claritin - sever leg pains and cramps

    Dopamine nausea and flushed (ICU staff added this)

    Clindamycin 300mg - sever depression and thoughts of suicide

    Albuterol - caused sever migraine

    Metaxalone 800mg caused heart to race

    Predisone- heart rhythm issues

    Cipro - migraines, other head issues, sever hearing loss

    Gabapentin - totally drunk on 1 dose and good hang over next day

    There is a very long list of ear and eye drops that the ear specialist has usedan over the past 2 years that have either caused 20 alarm fires or my BP to drop.

    I am sure there are other drugs but I think you might get the picture. I do not care for tattoos but have seriously considered one that says this is a medication free zone

  • rebelfighter


    My daughter and son call my house the free and clear zone. LOL. I am alergic to everything. It is a never ending list and unfortunately my daughter has inherited a lot of the same. The list includes and I will probably miss a good part but here goes perfumes, a lot of chemicals, grass, molds, tree pollins, citrus acids, yellow cheeses, red wines, beans, yogurt, wheat, dark chocolate, dyes, at the moment I am drawing a blank. But when I shop I have to make sure that everything is natural no perfumes no dyes. This includes trash bags. I eat no processed foods because they can cause migraines.

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