Babylon the Great and the last Pope

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  • mikeflood

    What do you guys think of the evangelicals theory about Babylon the Great and the last Pope...just starting this big book out of 500 seems there is a lot of different thinking from the Borg

  • JeffT

    Can Gandalf beat Dumbledore?

    I've had my fill of trying to predict the unpredictable. When something happens, I'll believe it.

  • Ding

    Most of the time, the WT acts as if it's the only religious organization that pays any attention to Bible prophecy.

    When it does mention other views, it chides Christendom for its errors, ignoring the fact that (so far as I know) the WT itself has promoted more failed dates that any other person or organization within the same time frame.

    Never mind what we said yesterday. We have new light for you today.

    Meanwhile, the GB continues to see itself as the focal point of history and interprets everything in terms of themselves. No wonder they can't get anything right.

  • ThomasMore

    Does anyone seriously believe that WTC understands ANYTHING about the Bible? Their record of getting it wrong is beyond 50/50 odds. They get it wrong with such frequency that I have wondered if they were intentionally trying to misdirect their followers through blatant confusion. There are no true scholars in the inner circle, not even wannabes. So why do they continue to interpret what they do not understand?

  • jhine

    Mike to answer your question l don't think much of it . I see no point in any group trying to work these things out. You would think that they would learn from all the other failed guesses .

    Are these American Evangelicals ?


  • punkofnice

    Another attention seeker looking to make money from book sales is my guess.

    Reminds me of he WBT$. A load of bunkum in writing.

    My guess. Nothing will happen.

  • Jeffro

    'Babylon the Great' was actually first-century Rome.

    Hope you didn't pay for the book.

  • TonusOH
    ThomasMore: They get it wrong with such frequency that I have wondered if they were intentionally trying to misdirect their followers through blatant confusion.

    That's how I see it. Rutherford was so determined to rebuild the entire religious structure of the organization that he reinterpreted as much of the Bible as he could and built a cult around the ideas that he invented. He seemed to want to interpret scripture specifically in opposition to generally-regarded ideas and interpretations. After all, one way to show that you are God's only chosen is to show how everyone else gets it wrong.

    The leadership has followed that approach ever since, and held on to some ideas no matter what. The teachings on blood have been softened so much that they don't really match the original intention, but they can still point to it as a differentiator between them and "Christendom." And they still come up with new light that further changes things while still clinging to a shred of the original idea, like the teaching about generations.

    I think they long passed the point where it stopped making sense and they are just making sure that they can claim that they are different because they are the only ones who have the 'real truth.' They are a bunch of old men who have spent so many years listening only to one another that they ended up in a bubble where any idea, no matter how nonsensical to a normal person, sounds great to them.

  • mikeflood

    Ohhh...I just paid $ 2 in a second hand store for the book. Also they claim "we do believe certain dogma by the Catholic, mainline protestant, and some evangelical churches represents a formidable stumbling block to the authentic Gospel.

    Seems entertaining....

  • smiddy3

    Which brings me to the question:

    Does the JW religion still go on about "Babylon The Great Has Fallen God`s Kingdom Rules " with their book that supposedly proved Christendom has no more relevance in the world because it`s days are over ? so to speak ?

    And when was that in the 70`s or 80`s ?

    Or is it just another one of their beleifs that they just don`t talk about anymore and hope nobody brings the subject back up ?

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