Have a friend who only speaks Spanish and want him/her to learn TTATT? www.verdadtj.com

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  • sp74bb

    Thanks for doing it.

    Quite good for our Spanish exTJ

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Two more (the publications article is a work in progress, I am now getting the stuff in Spanish up)

    Publicaciones Watchtower en español e inglés

    La "Casa de Príncipes", Beth Sarim, y Beth Shan

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  • ironsnake656

    I worked in a company as a translator from English to Spanish. I you need help, I'm available to contribute in translations.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Excellent work! ¡Muchas gracias!

  • Simon

    Great work :thumbsup:

    Just a technical thing:

    Can I suggest, while it's new, that you shouldn't have ".php" in the URL names - it's a few extra characters I know but when it comes to SEO, cutting down on every little distraction can help and you shouldn't tie long-lived URLs to the technology currently used.

    It just looks better too but also helps not to advertise that you use php - I know it works but the number of bots that constantly scan sites looking for php and mysql vulnerabilities is unreal.

    Also, consider Markdown for the authoring - requiring the language + technical combination will always limit potential pool of helpers vs using a simpler authoring format (I'm thinking of switching to it for the forum).

    I just wrote a blogging system, it makes thing much easier to author and edit and to track changes compared to the jumble that is HTML source.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Hey Simon,

    Please suggest these things to Paul. I am not as technical in building websites as he is.

    When you say

    Also, consider Markdown for the authoring - requiring the language + technical combination will always limit potential pool of helpers vs using a simpler authoring format (I'm thinking of switching to it for the forum).
    Could you explain that a bit more? So there is something that would allow me to just go directly from jwfacts (English) to verdadtj (Spanish) without touching the HTML?

    Please let me know what that is, because I currently need to teach people HTML before they can help me... because just translating is still kinda useless for me... since I have to copy-paste copy-paste over and over and over again... huge pain, instead of directly translating in the HTML code.

  • Simon

    Markdown might help you in two ways - first I'd convert the current content into it and use that as the master, stored copy, that would get rid of the HTML part and let you deal with pure text which I imagine would be easier to have translated. You'd still have some 'formatting' but it's visible, as characters, which makes it easier to work with i.e. having *this* would make this (bold).

    Here's some links that explains what markdown is:



    Someone doing the translation would just have to deal with the text mostly and if they do happen to mess up some of the formatting, it's easy to correct as it isn't "hidden" from view like it is when using a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Also, because it's text, it's easy to view "diffs" of what's changed - versions you can skip through, pieces you can revert / undo or merge in (basically "source control" that programmers use for code). Here's some changes to a blog post highlighting what's been removed (red) or added (green):

    The ability to see what changed and revert things is what makes it possible for multiple people to work on things without getting in a mess - you can always undo specific changes (depending on the system / source control used) or selectively merge in someone's changes but not others.

    The markdown text is converted back into HTML when publishing content (and usually generates better / cleaner HTML than an editor does) but can also be used to generate PDFs or other doc types. Because the content is separate from the "shell" of the pages, it's easier to render it in multiple ways - what is sent to a mobile device can be different to what is sent to a desktop or search engine for instance ... it tends to be cleaner / faster than editor-created HTML that can sometimes become bloated with leftover tags (what also causes issues with editors behaving weirdly and formatting getting messed up)

    If you need something that markdown can't do, it's still possible to add HTML codes in it. That means you can still do things like embed YouTube videos or maps etc...

    I don't know what you're using for hosting beyond .php - is everything just going into .php files and those are being served? If so, you could probably make the hosting cheaper and faster by having everything just static.

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    New article: Where Shall I go? (A Donde Me Ire?)


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    Have there Always been Witnesses? (Siempre Ha Habido Testigos?)


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