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  • Phoebe

    Just to say, the Guardian investigative reporter who is looking into child abuse among JWs rang me today as I had completed the form linked to their recent article.

    We had a nice chat, she asked me for some details about my particular experience and asked me to spread the word as they are looking for more abuse victims. Her new article will probably come out in 10 days, so look out for it.

    If you are in the UK and you are a victim or know of one, this is an opportunity to speak out and you can remain anonymous, as I have done.

  • tor1500


    Great....does she have any connections in the USA? NYT, WSJ, USA today...what about the Washington Post. Many on here believe the story isn't big or important enough but when a reporter begins to un-ravel the org. It may seem a small thing at the beginning but when they begin to dig....

    In the scheme of things that is going on in the world, folks think this is no big thing...but if left un-noticed and not dealt with, it will effect more than just witnesses...

    I think if the org. didn't point fingers at other religions they may have dealt with the situation but since they accused other religions they are in denial or trying to cover up what the do by saying they don't condone child abuse.

    Being that this subject is in other countries, the witnesses just see it as persecution....but if the USA is exposed...won't hear a peep...just a bunch of heads hung low....

    But I'm glad someone is interested. Beats nothing,


  • sparrowdown

    Good for you Phoebe, it takes courage to speak out.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Great, well done Phoebe. I hope this gets some traction.

  • nugget

    I was called by the Guardian this morning. They have had a number of submissions so they are certainly following up on the submissions. If you have experience of this then it is worth contributing you can do so anonymously and you can chose that the submission is for information only but it will provide a greater understanding of what has been happening and may help to give this issue wider exposure.

    It is so important the ARC testimony and the court transcripts from the Candace Conti case show that the society does not value the children in their care taking no responsibility for what happens to them. This must change.

  • AbusedandPissed
    I am in no way saying that your story is not true in any way. I am just looking at the movie Spotlight where the reporters were not so concerned on the fact that the abuse occurred because that wasn't going to be a huge surprise as the priests were human, but that there was a cover-up. Was the reporter looking for more on evidence of a cover-up or was she just looking for a one-off story?
  • nugget

    Thats ok I had told the guardian about an incident that occurred when I was in my late teens so not a child. I had explained to them why as a witness I had never considered calling the police even though what had happened to me was a crime. I was providing more background information on what the JC was like and how the process presumed guilt and the emphasis was more on providing evidence of repentance rather than appreciating the long term effect that could have on a victim. I told them the impact this had had on my life and how victims of child abuse would suffer even more long term psychological damage since victims of abuse are not signposted to any support systems, may have to see their perpetrator at meetings and other religious events and remain civil to them if they remain in good standing. So in my case she wasn't looking for a one off story but for some insight into why I as a JW made the choice to seek support from the elders first and trust them to deal with an issue that in any other setting would be seen as a crime.

    I was surprised they contacted me to be honest as I had said that I was providing information only.

  • Phoebe

    Just to add to nugget, the reporter asked me about the two witness rule, the judicial committee etc. I know she is in contact with Lloyd as well. I got the feeling, as nugget did, she wasn't looking for sensational stories but back ground information as well as our own personal experiences.

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