Alternate military service pre and post 1996 witness policies. Please comments.

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  • slimboyfat

    Thanks Earnest, I remember those study articles well, because I was a fully believing JW at that time and studied the magazines carefully. This paragraph in the previous study always stuck out to me as quite extraordinary:

    13 In 1929, at a time when laws of various governments were beginning to forbid things that God commands or demand things that God’s laws forbid, it was felt that the higher powers must be Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.* This was the understanding Jehovah’s servants had during the crucial period before and during World War II and on into the Cold War, with its balance of terror and its military preparedness. Looking back, it must be said that this view of things, exalting as it did the supremacy of Jehovah and his Christ, helped God’s people to maintain an uncompromisingly neutral stand throughout this difficult period.

    Because it seems to say, without explicitly stating it, that Jehovah allowed JWs to teach falsehood in a particular situation, for their own benefit. I have never read this idea articulated elsewhere in Watchtower literature,

  • blondie

    Yes, SBF, shortly after I left the WTS, I was researching the changes in the superior authorities WTS doctrine, a 360 degree flipflop, I realized the change. I asked an older jw family member who was alive then it this was true. She said yes, she figured the WTS would eventually find out they were wrong. She just privately disagreed, which she did on several of WTS doctrines, including 1975.

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