Can you top this example of JW corruption?

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  • Mace.Bean

    slimboyfat wrote "Sounds like two teenagers had sex and later got married. Doesn't seem astoundingly corrupt to me."

    slimboyfat, if that is all you got from reading my post, reading comprehension may not be your strong suit.

    (They walk among us, folks!)

  • stuckinarut2

    So let me share some of the things from our last congregation.

    The Alpha-male bully elder had a 18 yr old daughter who lost her drivers licence for drink driving. He went around telling ones in the congregation that she just wasn't driving for a while while her car was being fixed. He asked me as a fellow appointed brother to ensure that this edited version was spread around. I refused and said it wasn't anything to do with me.

    Meanwhile too, he was integral in covering up a case of child sexual abuse perpetrated by another elders son against the young daughter of a family in the same congregation. These two elders then used their power, charisma and charm to ensure that the family of the young girl had their names besmirched, their character slandered and their reputations maligned. They implied that the girl and her family made it up.

    That is just a very quick snapshot of the main points...

    Yup! Gods spirit directed organisation indeed.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I can share that I had sex with an elder who later was part of the JC who met with me about "my" (read "their") problem with being gay. I'd consider that elder corruption.

    Please tell us that you "exposed" that "corruption"!

  • MrRoboto

    Im not privy to that level of depth of knowledge at the hall where I go. I dont have friends there and try to mind my business and I dont want to know about their petty shenanigans.

    Having said that, it does seem like most of the elders are pimo and some seem to intentionally say and do things in ways that wont get them caught but still heavily discourage the r&f in various ways. things like having an puffy-head attitude, having pioneer and elder appreciation dinners (cuz if yer not those, you're nothing) making only family members into MS or elder, forgetting to give talk slips, changing talk schedules without informing the folks who it affects, sometimes just 1 day before hand. As much as I hated it when I was all in, it probably helped me to see ttatt.

    Thats an elder corruption I wont complain about if it helps wake people up.

  • Crazyguy

    This isn’t very bad but shows obvious favoritism. POs daughter starts dating worldly guy then moves in with him. Apparently the dating was hush hush and when she moves in with him it’s all innocent their just room mates. Nothing happens to her and she openly shares she’s dating him and they finally get married. Not once was she JCd or anything , I guess if your a POs kid you can do anything.

  • nugget

    Where anywhere else would it be appropriate for a 16 year old child to be questioned about her personal life and then be punished because a 19 year old took advantage of her. Where else would it be more important to make an example of a child rather than supporting her with the legal process.

    This male chauvinistic boys club is corrupt and heartless.

  • smiddy3

    I knew of an Elder in a Congregation who was in charge of KH funds and used them for his own personal benefit as a business venture he said with the intention of paying it back ,however he was found out before he could do that .

    He was under threat of legal action if he didn`t make an effort to pay it back pronto .He was deleted as an Elder for a time and after he did repay all the money some time later he was re-instated as an Elder

    It was regarded as a one off thing and out of character for this man ,it was all handled in house.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I bought the business I had been working at for a year which had been going about 10 years and was run by an elder and his wife.

    When I went to submit my quarterly tax returns I discovered the business had never paid tax before as it was being run illegally and without the correct paperwork.

    I went to another elder with "my problem" and was told "It's very difficult to run a business legally in Spain"

    One of many aha moments prior to my exit.

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