Possible spam or malware on forum?

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  • _Morpheus


    I willl try to describe this accurately and will provde more detail if its helpful, but recently the forum has been giving me a popup on my phone. I have cleared the cashe, cookies and saved websites bit it still happens fairly often, at least once every 3 threads i click on. I will post a ss of the popup.

    The reason i wonder if it may be a script of some sort on the forum is because it only happens here. No other website or forum i visit pops this up. If its something on my phone i will attack it that way, just inquiring of anyone else is having this issue with IOS based browers?

  • scotsman

    I've been getting the same, again only on this site.

  • Simon

    Your device probably has malware:





    It's possible that it's a rogue ad, those are normally removed from the ad-network pretty quickly and this particular popup seems to be something distributed with other apps.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m getting the same popup too. I wonder if it’s because of some of the ads posted here.😓

  • _Morpheus

    Im glad its not just me but simons informations is legit. Its something on our phones and it appears to be an otherwise legit app thats being used as a way to pop these adds up. Im deleting some random apps and hoping its one of those

  • minimus

    Adblock is what I put on my phone. I used to get this all the time. Put this on 6 months ago and everything ended!

  • _Morpheus

    Ok update:

    i deleted several apps that were questionable as to developer (though they all came from the app store)... problem solved. Ive tested quiet a few times over the past couple of hours. No pop up.

    I appreciate the links simon and i hope this helps the rest who were getting the ads..

    i will have to check that app, min. It would be nice to have an alternate plan

  • Simon

    It's things like this that should kill native apps.

    Installing apps is what saddled Windows with the "virus riddled" reputation and the advent of the internet and the web really finished it off. Then Apple popped up and resurrected it with the phone and Android copied it, but they are just anomalous blips - it's so resource intensive creating different versions of apps for each platform and the download sizes ...

    Did you know the Google Keyboard app is bigger than the whole of Windows 95? For a tiny on-screen keyboard! What happened to development?! Now we all have devices updating apps every night, burning 500Mb for some tweak over and over.

    Often, the apps become an avenue for malware because "free app" has to be funded and it's a great way to get someone to install software on a powerful and connected device - perfect for mining bitcoin or just getting ad-revenue without having the bother of creating content.

    The only reason that app-stores make sense to the vendors is because the vendor can take a revenue share of the walled garden. Apple used to take 40% of revenue - it's how they became valued so much (that, and selling dongles to fit their ever-changing ports).

    The future is Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. These can look and work just like a regular app but they use browser technology which is designed with security in mind.

    Checkout the Twitter app if you want a good example of a mobile webpage that works just like a native app and is tiny.

    erm ... "end of rant" :D

  • steve2

    No pop ups on my phone.

  • jaydee

    mine either ...

    Image result for tout premier téléphone

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