Interesting find in the bible last night

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  • TheWonderofYou
    Wayward: just the fertile imagination of nomads sitting around a campfire.

    i would say even that it was the worldview of best educated jewish elite and priesthood who lived in the rich metropolis in Persia or Babylonia in the period of writing down genesis as legend of origin. Scholars say that the Table of nations orginates in the texts that the priests collected.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Which ever way you look at it it's a fantasy since Noah is only a character in a tall story. He and his sons never existed just like Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome never existed.

    It does seem that folk tales were written down which formed the basis of many Bible texts and that very process in itself elevated the tale to a mystical or even sacred status because to illiterate people, written inscriptions were lofty truths.

    Both peasants and priests were subject to the magic power of written language.

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