But it's alright if we do it.

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    We were talking with a friend who is in a different area and they mentioned that their present Kingdom Hall building used to be a church before the brothers bought it cheaply and renovated it. "Of course," John then said, "it'll be dedicated to Jehovah after all the work is done so even if everyone in the community still call it the old church, we'll know it is Jehovah’s place of worship."

    Hadn't consciously thought about it until now, but isn't it hypocrisy to (re)dedicate a church and it becomes OK for the witnesses to use. When the same witnesses condemn Christendom for (re)dedicating pagan celebrations into the church such as the sun god to the Son God, and Christmas etc. Surely it is exactly the same principle.

    Of course it is alright if "we" do it, but totally wrong if any other church group does it. Typical spin doctors.

  • sparrowdown

    Just so stupid or is it their God that is the stupid one. And what do they do when they sell the KH?

    Some churches will deconsecrate a church when they sell it but do JWs undedicate a K-hall when it's sold on after a congregation murge? Otherwise Jehovah hasn't left the building or has he? If they have no need to undedicate maybe the dedication wasn't all that necessary to begin with since God does not live in a building? Snake beginning to eat it's own tail at this point.

    Religion is soooo ridiculous.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Hmm. I thought churches were the residences of demons. I guess they will take off when they hear the name Jehovah. All good. Hahahaha.

  • Listener

    I don't understand why they find it necessary to dedicate a Kingdom Hall to God in the first place, it is just a material thing. Most JWs have a special bag that they only use for field service, why don't they have a formal dedication for that? Or for their carts?

    I think it is highly inappropriate given that most Kingdom Halls have toilets and wash rooms inside, it's not very honor able to be dedicating these to God.

    Its only a ritual that takes place to make publishers think it's all part of their worship to Jehovah and have them donate more.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    There has been articles that condemn Christendom for blessing pagan items and adopting ideas from false religion. The WT surprisingly does the same thing...

  • amicabl

    Where I live in Aus it was never a big deal. In the 70s when we were looking to build a kh, an elder said to me that a local old church would do if the price was right. His comment was that “we would have to get the spooks out of it”.

    We sold our kh in town where I live near now to the Salvation Army some 8 or 9 years ago. You can guess who now has the money and the large block of land we bought as a replacement site. Also my wife informed me recently that they are not building the new hall that was “approved” 12 months ago. No one who knows the full story is happy about it. She is even starting to ask me questions about where I get my info from. I know more about what is going on than she does.

    Sorry......a bit off topic there.

  • Listener

    Good news Amicabl. The organisation has been failing people on their promises. This happened in another place in Australia. They sold a Hall saying it wasn't big enough (for the memorial) and they would rebuild. This was about five years ago. They have not rebuilt and now every JW from that Hall has to travel at least 20 km's extra.

    How much of a inconvenience has this caused your wife and other members?

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