Born again or born from above

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  • Steel

    Last year I was at the memorial and the speaker was saying something about how the phrase Born Again was actually a mistake and it should say born from above. Jesus was actually referring to those with a heavenly hope.

    Last night I was flipping the channels and there is a religious program talking about being Born Again. Jesus is talking to a man who thinks he has to re enter in the womb.

    This got me thinking about how dishonest the memorial talk was. Clearly the bible is referring to born again instead of born from above.

    Sorry I can't copy from a phone or I would reference the scripture but has anyone else picked up on this?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Must've been a rogue speaker, even WT acknowledges that born again is appropriate in this context.

  • Vanderhoven7

    If you are born again, it is from above; from the heavenly Holy Spirit falling on the believer. There is no such a thing in scripture as a Christian who is born from below or bereft of the indwelling Holy Spirit. All Christians are promised heaven; to be with Christ, where He is.

  • careful

    John's gospel is known for its regular intentional ambiguity. This is a classic example. It's apparent at 4:13-15, 7:33-36, 11:11-12. Note the disciples' reaction at 16:29, "Finally, you are speaking plainly,” indicating that he had not done so before.

  • humbled

    Knee-jerk reaction: THEY are wrong-WE are right. I remember it so well—

    They(Christendom) have churches/we (JWs)have Kingdom Halls. They have bishops /we have circuit overseers. Was there any thought or concept outside of Brooklyn Bethel that wasn’t shot down in flames by the Society?

    The contestant pick-pick. Straining at gnats only to swallow camels.

    They even picked Love to death.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Then why symbolically eat the flesh and blood of Jesus if your supposed to be a spirit in heaven?

    Sounds more like a metaphor about adapting to his perfect genetic code and splicing in on to ours.

  • Steel

    The part that bothers me is large tracts of the new testment are decided to the idea of spiritual rebirth or becoming the new creature in Christ.

    Yet as a JW , basically none of that applies to the average person. Essentially the entire new testament is just written for the 144.

    What a bizarre and depressing teaching.

    I don' really understand the connection between being Born Again and tthat being limited.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    From my understanding all JWs were all considered "born again" and going to heaven until the numbers grew to more than their very limiting and short sighted number of 144,000 and then "new light" had to be invented to account for the rising numbers of those selling their literature and still recruiting more but no Armageddon and where would these go if heavenly places were already taken.

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