Out of the mouths of babes

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  • Mysterious
    My mom just told me on my IM that if I had wanted to stay home from meetings that they would have not forced me. I went only to please them.

    I always love how nice that attitude sounds in pratice, but let's face it dub parents are great at instilling guilt over such a decision. You can put pressure on someone without forcing them directly, works better in fact I guess that's why they call it mind control.

  • flower

    yea right..lol. 'you dont HAVE to go to the meetings sweetheart, but lets read here in the bible story book about what happens to little girls who dont want to serve jehovah' .


  • Sassy

    well I didn't care to go until I got to my teen years.. and then I noticed BOYS in the cong. I couldn't tell you what was said on the platform, but I could tell you what cute boy was there and I must have turned around to look at the clock thirty times a meeting (thus casually looking at the boy or boys I had a crush on at the time) then meetings weren't so bad!!

    I also used it to gossip with my best girlfriend. You should see some of our study books. They were full of handwriting all in the margins between flowers and boys names and hearts and gossip about other kids between me and my girlfriend. When we were older and restudied some of the old books my friend said that she didn't dare show her kids, lest they are set a bad example. I remember her mother read some of the margins and said that we needed to get her old book and my old book together so they could figure out the conversations between them..

    so see.. there was some fun at the meetings. It just didn't have anything to do with the material being given!

  • morty

    I wish my mom said I did not have to go to the meetings when I was a kid.....

    whoever wrote...There is something wrong with our kids if they are not excited about going to the meetings like they are excited when going to walmart....

    There was no Walmart when I was growing up in the "troof"..( not in Canada anyways)...But there was the dentsit, where I would much rather be, getting a tooth pulled with no frezzing, if it ment I did not have to go to the meatthing for the night....lol...lmao@ the meatthing....my girlfriend use to call the meetings this....


  • stillajwexelder

    Yes Stacy she is precious and she is nearly as cute as you also

  • Carmel

    Hey Unbeliever, they were correct, there was something wrong. It just wasn't with the kids, it was the meetings themselves that were boring, dull, repetititive, redundant, recycled, eer....am I repeating myself?


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