Suffering And The Meaning Of Life

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  • waton
    One must find the intrinsic value in the present. That's what we're taught in Judaism. DJ:

    That deep feeling must stay with jewish people even if they become witnesses. I remember now, ~ 30 years ago, while living in Florida, visiting a congregation in a wealthy neighbourhood, Jewish sounding names, very handsome, dignified people too. and an astounding ambiance I never felt before, of the value of the present. I thought: " this is how it must feel like to be at the end of the millennium, when you have arrived, when the present is perfect.

    So why wait? sharing the earth with 100 billion?

  • unsure


    I've expressed in another post how what I've learned from you regarding Judaism is very refreshing.

    I have some other questions regarding your beleifs. Please do not take them as a challenge of any sort as I'm just curious to learn more about the Jewish faith.

    Many have heard of Jehovah's Witnesses explanation of why God permits suffering. I've also googled this question to read about other religions beleifs; Christian sources are always the ones on the first page. I have not been able to personally find a satisfactory answer.

    I'm curious as to what the Jewish beleif is on this. Why did God have to create Satan and allow him to continue testing us? Does Satan operate independently? Why could God not have created a universe with free will but without all these tests or the requirement to worship him to live past our earthly bodies expiry date? I would imagine that an omnipotent Creator could have figured out a way to do this. If I were to meet someone on the street and they were polite but didn't want anything to do with me, I would still wish them an eternity of happiness and if I had the power, would still want to bestow eternal life to them. Many answers I've heard in the past say that God doesn't force us to worship him but basically saying "worship me and be my friend; if you do not you will have 80 years of earthly free will if you are lucky but don't count on living forever" is basically forcing worship.

  • LongHairGal


    I totally agree with everything you said. We should live in and cherish each moment.

    The Jehovah's Witness view of life is unhealthy and their view of looking to live a "real life" in some future never-never land is somewhat like Christendom's view of a hereafter...But, at least people in Christendom enjoy the present. I was raised Roman Catholic and they certainly had a better view of life than the Witnesses.

    Witnesses squander their present life and let it run through their hands like sand in an hourglass. They sit in the Kingdom Hall fantasizing while the clock on the wall ticks away. Many wake up one day and are old. Everybody gets old but why not live in the present like you were created to instead of ignoring it and hoping for something supposedly better that is not even guaranteed?...This is so stupid and senseless.

    If we were put here to live on this earth we were put here to live in the here and now. Otherwise, somebody might just as well be in a deep sleep.

    I also believe that religions are something that are exploited by the few to take advantage of the many. What's at the bottom of it all are men who want an easy life and not have to work for a living, in my opinion. My experience with the Witnesses has cured me of any desire to belong to a religion. I will be a spiritual person on my own.

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