Does this sound fishy to you?

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  • Elsewhere

    The other day I posted an ad on another site to sell some alloy rims for $300. Today I got the following email, which sounds like a scam in the making... let me know what you think:

    We wish to buy your above mentioned product at advertised rate.

    Goods will be picked-up from your location for onward shipping to London by our Agency as soon as payment for the purchase is made.

    Payment for the purchase is by cheque through a debtor in the US. The debtor owes us higher than the asking price of your product. He will therefore be sending you a Cheque for $5,000, to cover the cost, as well as the shipping costs.

    On receipt of the Cheque, you will cash and deduct the amount of your product, the balance you would send as we will instruct you to our Agency who will handle the subsequent pick-up and shipping arrangements.

    If the above arrangement suites you fine, do send us your address where to send the Cheque, as well as the name to be on it. Also send us your phone numbers for quicker communication.

    We look foward to your prompt reply.

    Best Regards.

    MR. ---------------------

    What makes it suspisious to me is a few things:

    • The message is generic... they don't actually talk about the rims
    • They want to purchase them using a long process instead of a simple transaction
    • They want me to cash a $5000 check and then return the rest
    • They want me to send the rims to London. The shipping costs of that will be FAR more than the actual value of the rims. (I was expecting to sell them someone in my area who would just drop by to pick them up)
  • drwtsn32

    Smells like fish.... really bad fish.

  • RunningMan

    It most definitely is a scam. The debtor's check that they send you will bounce, and they will be off with your good money.

    It is a commonly known scam.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think I would "respectfully" reject that bid (somethng about second party payments being unacceptable), and I would report that user to the site management to get their take on the scam.

    I think your instincts are right on target - this smells odd...

  • Gerard

    I'd forward this to the cops Prisonerand then have some fun with the scamers and keep us posted on the

    exchanges of communication.

  • simplesally

    Well, if you did decide to do it, you need to ask for a cashier's checque or money order. Then make sure the funds are good (meaning its not a forged or fake check) and cash them, I mean for cash, not thru your bank account.

  • Nosferatu
    have some fun with the scamers and keep us posted on the exchanges of communication.

    DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!

  • jws

    Make sure their check clears. If/when you get the $5000 check, sign the back and hand it over to them and have them cash it.

  • Elsewhere

    Yes Nas... you have definitely inspired me to play around with this guy...

    I've already sent an email to him asking if he can just send me a Paypal. I did this to see if he is willing to work for his money. I don't want to play with a scammer who will give up to easily. If he replies talking about the check again... then I will agree to his terms.

    I think my first act will be to accidentally shred the check with my credit card statement.

    Elsewhere to Bryan
    I would prefer a simple payment using Paypal which will incude the full purchase price and the shipping fees.
  • morty


    it sounds stinky to me.Skunk..London what? London Ont or London England?....I am in the London Ont area and My family and friends are in the tire and rim business.....Would be really curious who is owed what debt? Could maybe look into it for me if interested.....I have a connection to almost every tire and rim business in London...Just a thought for you to ponder over


    p.s.....would really like to play with this one.....

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