The Sin of Omission

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  • stuckinarut2

    Have we heard of the Sin of Omission?

    It refers to a situation where someone deliberately withholds some relevant or pertinent information from an investigation or enquiry.

    In a criminal situation someone may purposely neglect to mention he was present, or involved in something. It may lead the other person to a conclusion that is not accurate...and YET the person under investigation never ACTUALLY lied.

    Now think of a JW "Judicial Committee" . If a Witness is found guilty of, or suspected of the Sin of Omission, they may be Disfellowshipped or counselled severely with penalties imposed.

    So, HOW IS IT, that the Society / GB are themselves guilty of the Sin of Omission? They have deliberately withheld pertinent information to the flock about the society history, scandals, and inaccuracies. They deliberately white-wash information about the Child Abuse issues happening worldwide, and the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS being spent on these sad situations.

    They purposefully present broadcasts to skew the facts and distort the average JW opinions and understandings of things occurring.

    So, for an organisation that proudly proclaims themselves as "The Truth", one of their biggest sins is the Sin of Omission!

  • JakeM2012

    Sure, you can also be disfellowshipped for lying and slander. It's rare. Who could cast the first stone?

    I bought a life insurance annuity one time. Then I realized it was not in my best interest but for the salesman's interest. Swindler's believe that if you are so stupid to fall for their scheme then you don't deserve to keep your money. Maybe that's what the GB thinks while they laugh all the way to the bank and tour the world.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The individuals who they omit information from are overly trusting powerless JW nobodies, so apparently it doesn't count.

  • Divergent

    According to the bible, omission existed from the very beginning of human creation when god DID NOT disclose to Adam & Eve that the powerful spirit creature Satan was in existence & would be actively seeking to tempt then in various cunning & deceptive ways!

    So yes, the WT Society / GB / JW's are GUILTY of omission, and the god they worship did it first & set the example for them!

  • stuckinarut2

    GREAT point Divergent!

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