Have You Had Any Experiences With “Karen’s”?

by minimus 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Have you ever had to deal with these crazy intrusive people flipping out on you? Just curious.

  • minimus

    Facebook shows clips and videos of Karens unloading on people they disagree with.

  • hoser

    Only at the Kingdom Hall.

  • Overrated

    There was an "anointed " sister in my Kingdumb hell that would cry to the elders when she saw something she didn't like. I came to the meeting with a short haircut and I guess she didn't like that(the only one that bitched about it) She cried to the elders and my parents. What a pain in the azz!

  • exjwlemming

    My ex is a literal Karen. She is named Karen and was a Karen before the term Karen was even coined. I think she was the first Karen about 25 years ago. Look up Karen in the dictionary and the picture is probably her....hence...the reason why she is my ex.

  • mickbobcat

    There are a ton of nutbar liberals who think they have a right to tell you where you are wrong. I am fee to kick them in the rear end.

  • Simon

    We have a friend called Karen, which is funny, because she is the most laid back, least "Karen" person I know.

    Her mother sends her news articles about "Karen's", LOL

  • minimus

    I feel for any legitimate Karen that is normal

  • GrreatTeacher

    Of all the different types of Karens, the customer service, "let me speak to the manager" types are my favorites simply for how spectacularly ineffective they are. Just like toddlers, screaming won't get you what you want, and neither will flopping down on the floor.

    The key is to keep it friendly and smiling, ask continuous questions and, most importantly, never refer to the company as " you" when speaking to an employee. That sets up an "us vs them" scenario that puts the customer at odds with the employee/ business.

    I've found it works best when talking to an employee to call the company "them." It puts the employee on your side and sets up a subtle "us vs them" with the company on the outside and the employee and customer on the same side.

    Example: "I understand that they want to keep loss at a minimum, but I don't feel comfortable leaving my bag from the other store up front with you. I mean, that leaves you responsible if something happens! I wouldn't want to do that to you! Do you have a stapler, maybe? Could you just staple it shut? Or, I could put the whole thing in my purse? Thank you so much!"

    Works much better than: "You think I'm going to steal from you? You say that you love your customers, but you obviously don't. I'm not giving you my damn bag. I want to talk to your manager! And then you will honor this coupon!!"

  • minimus

    Good points. Also I know that if you speak respectfully to customer service it usually me you will get some satisfaction. Treat them like crap and you know what will happen.

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