Jehovah Witnesses:Canaries in the coal mine.

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  • betterdaze

    This is just a trailer, the event was to be recorded for C-SPAN's American History TV.

  • Simon

    It was an important case and helped cement or clarify some rights and freedoms. Trying to gate-crash it to point to other cases where they weren't in the right isn't going to win anyone over IMO. Just because they are on the wrong side, legally, in some cases now doesn't mean they weren't right then (and vice-versa).

    "We sent two canaries down to check if it was safe. The good news is, the canaries survived. The bad news is, they bred and the mine is now overrun with canaries."

  • AbusedandPissed

    The centre actually puts on a lot of events. Justice Jackson served as Attorney's General under FDR. He was appointed to the Supreme court and wrote not just one of the most eloquent decisions in the Barnett case but he served on the court during the Korematsu case which involved the internment of Japanese Americans. He left the court to serve as the chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials.

    The centre mostly focuses on the cases that Justice Jackson had helped to preside over, but it is also a place where for instance the State of New York Appeallate division is going to hear some cases soon. There is a lot of events put on about Nazi Germany by the centre and on matters of civil rights.


    He didn't leave the court for the Nuremberg trials. He just took a leave of absence from the court for the trials. He later was part of the unanimous decision in Brown v Board of Education.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    On the front page of the local newspaper in large letters "NEVER YIELD". After introductions by local director of the Jackson center a stage production of "The Faithful Do Not Yield" which depit the decades of oppression surffered by Jehovah's Witnesses in America. The article goes on to say:The lecture series was a collaborative effort with the Jackson Center and the Watchtower Society, It was part of ongoing series "Canaries in The Coal Mine of Human Rights". Next day the keynote speaker:" was Philip Brimley, General counsel for Jehovah Witnesses, World Headquarters Offices.

    A friend of ours was there and told me the hall was filled by local JW's. She was surprise by so many witnesses there. I told her there is 4 congregations in Jamestown alone as will as several others in surrounding towns. She had no idea and she thought there was no congregations in this town. She has lived here almost all her 89 years of life. One lady who was sitting next to my friend was telling her how she was once a Catholic and was so happy she was a Jw's now. I am thinking about sending a letter to the opinion page of our local newspaper about jw facts. Any ideas what to say? Still Totally ADD

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