My new book "The Universe of Destructive Sects" (Portuguese)

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  • Antonio_Madaleno

    On May 13th, my new book will be on sale in Portuguese bookstores and Amazon (e-book).
    Here is the book description text:

    "Don't be a victim anymore!

    Explore the deepest secrets of the human mind and uncover the manipulation techniques behind destructive sects and high-control groups. This book, written by researcher António Madaleno, is the key to this unknown, fascinating and, at the same time, disturbing world.

    Discover how charismatic leaders exert influence over their followers, manipulating their minds and controlling their lives to the extreme. Learn the tactics used in these groups to recruit and maintain followers, and identify warning signs in your life and the society around you.

    In this book you can, among many other things, find out the answers to the following questions:

    - What is a destructive sect or high-control group?

    - What are the characteristics of this type of groups?

    - How to help a family member or friend who is being groomed or recruited?

    - What steps should you take to free yourself from a destructive sect?

    - How to overcome the trauma of having belonged to a destructive sect?

    The Universe of Destructive Sects is an essential guide for anyone who wants to understand the mind control used by countless organizations and groups worldwide, while giving you the tools you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    With the special participation of Steven Hassan and Janja Lalich, experts in destructive sects."

  • Diogenesister

    May be good to post on r/exjw and R/exMo (Mormon) on Reddit, too. I'm not sure if there's a Portuguese language exjw on Reddit but on You Tube on Saturdays there's a Spanish/ Portuguese language programme for ex cult members on "Rick Fearons" Six Screens of the Watchtower you could contact. The guy who runs it is called Efrain Rivera

  • Antonio_Madaleno

    Thanks for the tip!

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