After leaving the Dubs have you ever wondered?

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    You like, eh? Thanks!

  • onacruse

    Good Lord, talk about being outnumbered! LOLOL

    Hey, it's been a long day, and maybe my nerves were on edge, eh?

    Just so y'all know, I don't have a personal problem with any of the words I've edited from this thread. Heck, I've been in construction for 30 years...I use these words almost every day!

    But I really really just absolutely hate seeing personal attacks (w/ or w/o these words), and when I/we have the energy to step in, I/we do. It'll never be 100%.

    It's really a matter of taking personal responsibility for our posts here. This is not rocket science.


  • logansrun


    I forgive you.


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    You're welcome. Doesn't mean we have to be nice to each other though.


  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    As one also raised as a JW it makes me wonder why so many youths raised in the JW's leave? They are so few that remain thier entire lives. Even Ray Franz left even though it took him a lot of years!

    It does raise the question though as to if it is the truth why are so many young people drawn away. Youth generally know or draw to things that they feel are genuine or real. I never use to thing that religon was the opium of the people as Karl Marx once wrote, but in the past few years Im starting to think so. In my Fathers congregation so many suffer from depression and are on anti-depressent medications including my parents. When I served in Bethel so many of my closest friends had mental breakdowns. How can this be the truth?

  • Sassy

    A lot of friends of mine growing up in the circuit left when they got out on their own. They just attended meetings and assemblies because they had to. I've seen a lot of my friends children do the same. I wish I had left when I graduated but I was a good girl, obedient and never questioning and stayed in. Then worked hard to try and keep my ex in the 'truth' and true enough, the minute we broke up he stopped being a JW. And yet it still took me 10 yrs to get out after that. Really it was quite by accident. I got sick a lot last year and started missing meetings, and then because of a personal problem with my husband (divorce pending) and his treatment of me, I refused to attend and be a hypocrite that we had a marriage.. and then when I kicked him out, he blackmailed me.. if any one of those things had not happened, thus breaking the chain, I might never have been away from the meetings long enough to start to think for myself, instead of just following orders... and rules.. and staying that good little girl..

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    Yes and as a matter of fact, I wear a very large hat emblazened with the words "I'm number One".

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