Obituary column was only one of the methods!

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  • Atlantis
    Getting names and addresses from Obituary columns was only one of the
    methods suggested by Watchtower literature.

    Methods used:

    Get the names and addresses of people in the hospital.

    Get names and addresses from Obituary columns.

    Get the names and addresses of new mothers.

    Get the names and addresses of couples who have just gotten engaged.

    Get the names and mailbox numbers from locations where Jehovah's
    Witnesses are not allowed to preach. Give that information to the
    elderly brothers and sisters to write their letters to.

    Get the names and addresses from the phone book.

    Get names and addresses of business people you meet.

    Other sources.

    1956 Watchtower/11/15/pg.688

    At one of the Society’s Bethel homes a brother, close to eighty years
    old, unable to climb stairs because of heart trouble, sends letters of
    comfort together with literature to those whose addresses appear in
    the obituary column because of having lost a loved one.

    Look for green underlining.

    Watchtower 1967/6/1/pg.345

    The minister soon found that, since she had made the original call, he
    had received a letter from a Witness who obtained his name and address
    from the obituary column in the newspaper. Though the man was a
    stranger to her, she had written a kind letter explaining the Bible’s
    glorious hope of a resurrection.


    1970 Kingdom Ministry/Jan/pg.8/par.3

    3 Many in the congregation know that this sister has had good success
    in witnessing by mail. So they give her names and addresses of
    individuals to whom they would like her to write. She writes to
    individuals that she and other publishers have met in the hospital.
    One brother met a businessman who lived in another part of the
    country. This man showed interest in the truth. So the brother gave
    his name and address to this sister, who continued to develop the
    interest by mail. Some names she gets from the obituary column. Or if
    there is information in the local paper about new mothers, or engaged
    individuals, she writes them, sharing good news from the Scriptures to
    encourage them as they embark upon their new responsibilities. The
    overseer has gone into the lobbies of apartment houses where the
    publishers cannot get in to witness, and he has copied the names and
    apartment numbers off the mailboxes so that this sister can contact
    these individuals by mail. Names and addresses have been obtained from
    the phone book as well as other sources.


    1971 Yearbook/pg.248/Portugal/par.2

    Can elderly people participate in the ministry? Consider this example:
    A sister who is eighty-eight years of age could no longer go from
    house to house and manifested concern about how to share regularly in
    the service. It was suggested that she use the obituary column in the
    newspaper and write letters to bereaved families.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yep, it's always best to pick 'em off when they're entering a new phase (maybe overwhelmed) or are otherwise emotionally vulnerable (death or serious illness). You'd think since they have "the truth" (barf) they'd manage to convince someone that wasn't somehow compromised...but no, they always have to prey on the weak.

  • Atlantis


    Absolutely right!


  • carla

    This should be posted in the comments of that news video!

  • EverApostate

    When I was a Zealous Zombie, my neighbors son died in a road accident.

    Since I was living far from him during that time, I posted him the "What happens when Someone who loves you dies" Brochure along with a WT sales letter.

    Shame on me

    Now, I am glad he didn't take it seriously

  • Atlantis


    Sounds like a good idea! Do you think I would be over-doing it? I wouldn't want to bore people with it.


  • Atlantis

    The download links work but I see they are a little slow today. Normally they are much faster.



    Me too! If you were to ask people on this board you would probably find that most of us did the same thing. Don't feel bad, we were all deceived in our Watchtower history.


  • EverApostate
  • carla

    I lost the thread with the story at the moment, but yes! it should be posted because the borg clearly did tell people to cruise the obits. People have no idea that jw's do that. I have told people but they don't believe me! People find the practice so disgusting they think I am exaggerating. I understand not all jw's do this but it was sanctioned by the wt at one time and if no new light has been printed then the old light stands, no?

    To my knowledge there has not been anything in the wt's/awakes or the dot org place (I refuse to mention their link) that clearly states cruising the obits for potential victims, err, converts is distasteful to the general public.

  • tiki

    What about the cemetery preachers.....hit on the family, friends as they disperse from the burial....that was so sick. I never even considered doing it but I knew some who did. That is the height of crass...tactless....ugh

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