Once Upon A Time In ... Hollywood (My review)

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  • Terry

    My grandparents (who raised me) were movie goers. My Mom and Uncle were too.
    Between the lot of them, I saw every movie released throughout the 50's.
    In the 60's I never missed a movie opening. I was completely indiscriminate.

    Looking back to that era I, of course, see the differences in that time and now.
    Only the Big visual spectacles can tear people from their supersize TV's and home theater viewing.
    Video on demand means you can't really "miss" or even risk missing any film at all.
    As Box Office receipts ebb and autonomous technology surges in popularity and availability, I think movie theaters will have to scramble to lure an audience.

    The Movie Tavern franchise makes a good stab at it. Being able to nosh and sip suds is an inducement. But, ordinary movies just aren't worth the trip, the ticket price, or the frustration at ill-mannered people surrounding you with talking and text messaging.

    I have fond memories of that whole movie era in the Golden and Silver Age of Motion pictures. But alas - everything changes.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Some younger people may find most of this stylized movie to be a bit ho-hum but I went to school with Sharon Tate's Cousin I and remember this time very well and the impact Sharon's death had on her family. In this movie we are not only subtly reminded of simple things from the past that we had almost forgotten about, a jingle from a TV commercial, the familiar dashboard of a car we may have ridden in as a kid or the sound of ice being pried from an old fashioned lever style ice tray, but we get to see history re-writen so that real life characters are (shall we say) "thwarted", across the years, before they were able to carry out their truly evil mission.

  • Terry

    I was thinking just yesterday that Hollywood didn't really know what to do with
    "hot looking" actresses in the sixties. The roles they got made the specificity interchangeable.
    Sharon Tate and Suzy Kendall, for example.
    Image result for suzy kendall
    Image result for sharon tate

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