Intersting Visit from our local JWs yesturday

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  • fedup
    What would happen to the person that farts in your house?
  • rebelfighter

    Would this have taken an entirely different stand if the OP instead of being "perfume" had been "cigarette smoke".

    BTW, krejames, I am not an apostate, I am a Worldly person. My comments if you go back were made to contractors who were escorted off my property without payment not JWS.

  • steve2

    Thanks krejames . You speak well on the topic!

  • krejames

    Thanks Steve2

    Rebelfighter - erm...what? I wasnt making any reference whatsoever to you or anything you have posted. I believe I simply referred to the original post on this thread.

    i do appreciate how inconsiderate wearing too much perfume may be to those who are sensitive. Someone once said to me that perfume should be discovered not announced...that said (and I can only go by the way I interpreted the original post) I kind of got the impression the OP was simply gloating over an opportunity to have a go at a couple of Witnesses, there was nothing interesting about it at all.

    In my book wearing too much perfume is not as obnoxious as someone being, well, obnoxious. Had the callers not been JWs would the OP still have been just as abrupt? If no, then this was bullying behaviour. If yes, then this has nothing to do with JWs, it's just about callers in general wearing too much perfume, and that makes the title of this thread a bit pointless really doesn't it?

    And by the way, I am technically an apostate ;)

  • _Morpheus

    I want to comment on this from a slightly different angle but nontheless related. That os the jw inherent mindset of absolute roght and prilidge to be at your door. Legally in in the USA and in many other countries and cultures they do indeed have an implied right if its not expressly revoked by a no trespassing or no soliciting type sign.... But its really rather odd, being seperated from the jw mindset, to think that its welcome even if it is legal to appear unannounced at someones door.

    I have never bought nor even considered a product solicited door to door. Even if such a product appealed to me its such an outdated form of marketing that i question any product presented in that manner on general principle.

    But really to show up unannounced and the be wearing an overpowering perfume and then be supprised when someone isnt pleased is a bit arrogant and self entitled. We didnt want you here to begin with. You were univited. Dont be upset at the lack of appreciation for your solicitation.

  • krejames
    Morpheus- fair point, well made.
  • Dumplin

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    who's responsible to follow this? the householder? or the JW professing to follow Jesus' words?

    JWs have been warned about this, so can't blame WT for this one. This was one individual who did this. Whether she just forgot or perhaps didn't care enough about others, who can say? I think it was ok to remind her of her strong smell in this case. As a JW, she could have taken the advice a little better (and not pointed out the missing sign)...seeing who she was claiming to represent.

    By the way, I remember pointing out to a CO once what the word "negligence" meant, as defined in their own Insight Book. If I remember right, in English it can have two meanings: you forgot, or you didn't care. But in Hebrew it only has one meaning: You Didn't Care. I had just made reference to this CO a quote made by WT in the Revelation Climax book. It had to do with one of the congregations, can't remember which, but I remember the quote: "Due to the NEGLIGENCE on the part of a body of elders, an entire congregation can fall asleep"

    I was emphasizing that the Bible doesn't make concession for Christian negligence.. That's why I think the JW sister in this case should have taken the admonishment better. That's all. .

  • umbertoecho

    That's it, guys. I'm off to the shops covered in Dune, my favourite from gay Paris, then a good old roll in some stinking seaweed, a cigar should also help me to get as much rejection as I could dream of in my lifetime. All I have to do is stink. Great.

    I thought this was going to be about some interesting topic too, just as Crofty did. Instead, it's about smells. Have a good whiff of the air. Lead-free petrol can hardly be discerned anymore.........guess what? Lead levels have increased since "lead-free" or should I say, lead-free is just anther name for..."None smelly lead". .. How ironic is that.?

  • Dumplin

    you're absolutely right, umbo. I held off a long time from commenting on this one.... but then he just couldn't help hisself. Ha! Sorry i even commented now. Also, I always put a little lead substitute in my tank when no one's looking. How thoughtful is that?

    ps: I like the way you smell, umbo. ...lingers in my head long after your gone.... not that you care. ha. Especially the cigar smell...smoke one occasionally meself. ;-)

  • Dissonant15

    My tired eyes will not allow me to read all these comments. But at a glance, I can't BELIEVE all the unlikes and negative feedback.

    Those JWs had it coming. Every mother loving week we had an announcement reminding the cong to not wear fragrance, "including strong deodorant." It was overkill. Plus that ridiculous Awake article in the early 2000s. Yet somehow the assembly hall bathrooms never failed to smell like a Monsanto warehouse. I have no understanding for those who deposit fragrance chem trails, especially after being made to feel for years that I was expected to wear unscented deodorant.

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