WTBTS/CCJ.W.'s incriminate themselves

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    We are deeply indebted to Wifibandit for such revealing documentation.



    38. When property damage occurs, quick action can go far in preventing further damage. Break-ins, thefts, incidents of arson, or other acts of vandalism should be promptly reported to the local authorities.

    However, if a child is raped by a J.W., such a matter should not be "promptly reported" to the local authorities in order to "prevent further damage." Rather, the elders must contact the Branch Office in order to seek advice on how to deal with the situation.

    Such self-incriminating statements should prove to J.W. parents (and the world!) that the org's real estate empire is far more important than their children's lives!

    Perhaps such a document should be referred to the A.R.C. for their edification.

  • scratchme1010

    It's no secret that the WT can't care less about the well being of children. That's the number one reason I have no respect for that organization.

  • ToesUp

    WT only cares for themselves. The money only flows one way...into WT's pocket. If a Kingdom Hall is broken into, one of WT's precious real estate assets has been compromised. A child being molested, well as WT states...."those are apostate driven lies." Sad but true.

  • Darkknight757

    It's a wonder that the Elders with children don't see how hypocritical this is."Sure we'll call the police if someone vandalized a Kingdumb Hell or bugs us while engaging in the Failed Ministry but not when a child is molested or an adult is raped."

  • Alive!


  • smiddy

    1006 cases of child sexual abuse covering decades and handled by JW judicial committees and not one case of an Elder reporting it to the child protection authorities or the police.

    However if an incident resulting in willful damage to a Kingdom hall ? call the police imediately .

    Go figure.

  • blondie

    Very good point.

    Hang them with their own words.

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