So here is my long winded story....

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  • punkofnice
    pretty decent pro-creation books (non-witness).

    I love a bit of procreation.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Thing with Jackson's 'presumptuous' statement is that he actually says " I think it would seem presumptuous of us to say that we are the only " and so on. So he gives himself away out with the work seem. I see this fact often glossed over, so technically it's still JW cover your ass speak.

  • GTSfromSY

    @ redpilltwice: You are so right!!!!

    @ junkyarddog: I will look up that name. you know ironically it was so easy to find way back in the day but I can't seem to pull the particular one I remember reading. It was in a letter format. That is all I can say. The author directly address the Bethel rep reading the letter with reasoning like "we need to be careful brother, that quote is incorrect" and such.

    @ orphancrow: the book (too long for me to read) is well indept but what I read back in the day was written in a letter format. It may be the same information however. I am not sure yet. I will give the pdf a good read.

    @pale emperor I am in the US. I sure would love to visit the UK however one day!!! Is that where you from? The avatar is just a pic representing the first "difficult" book I read in junior high: the man who was thursday. I loved the concept of the book: infiltrating an organization to spy them out and finding out that the people you were spying on were just like you all a long.

    @ junkyarddog: the blog is a GOLDMINE!!!!!! My friend, you just gave me a gem. Thanks you x10. I do research and write scripts for a few youtube channels and blogs out there and this will definitely come in handy!

    @ earnest: I am starting to think that Alanf may be the guy. I am not sure. i am going solely on (aging/bad) memory!

    @Magnum: Thanks my friend and BTW I love your posts of the past. It feels weird to finally directly speak to you in person. Nice!!! I too was born in the country but we moved later in life to good ol' suburbia.

    @BrianJ: Thanks my firend. It does get slow in parts, but the shock of WHAT those elders say will grip you. there is an elder that got cornered hard and he looked MAD! LOL. The ARC senior council Angus Stewart (the guy with the glasses questioning the elders) was a blessing. i hope to meet him in person and thank him for his work someday.

    @punkofnice: LOL. Being a born in I sure didn't get none of those shenanigans in I was young.

    @introvert 2: You know I have seen my fair share of recorded judicial committee meetings and "shepherding calls" on Youtube and the person in question asks the elders to explain that point and they refuse to even acknowledge it. there is just no answer for it...period.

  • dubstepped

    I'm late to the party and that is an epic post there Gabe. Wow, you have a way with words and I felt like I was there with you going through it all. Of course, some of the things that you went through, particularly watching the ARC like it was a movie, absolutely riveted, was big for me. It was just after we disassociated anyway, I think, but still it cemented that we made the right decision. I'm so happy that you still have a connection with that original guy that helped you question things.

    Welcome to the forum! I don't know where you live but I'm sure there are other ex-JWs around. My wife and I are in southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville KY. Over time you will extend your circle of friends, we've been able to form more friendships outside the cult than we did inside in the two years we've been out. If I can be of help in any way let me know. There are lots of helpful people here.

  • GTSfromSY

    @ dubstepped: thank you my friend :)

    You are so right about having a great support group here. I'll tell you, to see couples leave together is beautiful to behold. You are truly blessed. Have a good night and Happy Holidays!

    LOL, that feels VERY weird yet EXTREMELY satisfying saying that to everyone.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Welcome! I really enjoyed your story and it wasn't too long! It resonates with me on so many levels. Born in- but no friends- I hear that. The hypocrisy of what Jackson said at arc was a big deal to me too. You can't force us to believe one thing and then change it aka lie when it suits u. I was really over that. We had a foreigner in the foreign language ministry force us to do research that made us question a lot but he wasn't ex jw. He was just reasonable and not blinded by the cult. We were pioneering at the time and I was bothered that I couldn't defend the truth. Now I realize I couldn't defend it cuz it wasn't the truth. Still feels weird typing that...

  • steve2

    Great OP and subsequent posts. The OP illustrates how incredibly hard it is to accept the JW message if you have an active thinking brain.

    To succeed in accepting the JW message you either have to have an already-asleep brain with no interesting in becoming awake. or an enormous will to shut down your thinking brain whilst swallowing JW org’s superficial and fanciful message.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Org higher-ups had to know they were being deceptive. ~ Magnum

    Yes! When I first learned off all the (obviously) intentional misquotes and misrepresentations, I realized that someone at the top had to know that they were lying. How high does it go? Are the GB delusional and blinded? But certainly those in charge of the Writing Committee KNOW it was bullshit! (And remember how the Borg's videos show the GB so painfully selecting even the cover photo of the ragazines!)

    BTW, Magnum, you are too kind! "Being deceptive" is called LYING!

  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    What an incredible experience - astounded by the efforts you made to get to the bottom of niggling doubts. Thank you for sharing! :)

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