JW and Aliens

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  • CitizenofEarth

    I have several times asked people in my congregation about Aliens, and what the org would do if they appeared, and everyone stated that aliens dont exist. I did this since this is of great interest to me, and the universe generally amazes me.

    Everything is apparently centered around Earth, and Gods ability to be better at ruling than Satan. And i will point out that i havent even been ruled by God yet, as the bible says, so i still dont get how Satans inablity to rule proves Gods ability to rule... What do you guys think would happen if real extraterrestial life was confirmed - the intelligent sort of life. How would the Org react? What excuses would be made - if any?

  • darkspilver

    What do you guys think would happen if real extraterrestial life was confirmed - the intelligent sort of life.

    Oh right, you mean God and the angels....

  • CitizenofEarth
    darkspilver: Oh right, you mean God and the angels....

    Extraterrestrial intelligent life...

    And God and his angels havent really contacted any humans in atleast 2000 years - and never if you dont believe in the Bible. So i would say they dont count.

  • zeb

    what a buzz if they revealed themselves in daylight before the worlds cameras.. the cleaners would be on overtime in NY Bethel..

  • darkspilver

    God and his angels

    Oh, so now God is male, or did you just 'presume' that

  • Hairtrigger

    Its the NEPHALIM! They've returned! Into then bunkers all sister dubbies unless you wanna give birth to bastards of ill repute! YOU TOO SISTER SILVIA. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE 60. All brothers wear chastity belts for we know not the inclination of these monsters!!!"

    PLEASE REMEMBER our admonitions to do whatever we tell you to even if it doesn't sound logical!!!

  • Vidiot

    Conservative evangelical (including JW) ideology just doesn't really allow for the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial biological life.

    I had grasped this even back in my still-in teens when I was a believer.

    I couldn't exactly explain why at the time, I just knew it would...

    ...and I also realized that if Earth had an honest-to-God, full-on public, unable-to-deny First Contact, the WTS would be dealt a severely crippling blow.

  • FedUpJW

    When someone says there cannot be extraterrestrial life on other planets, solar systems, galaxies etc. I always ask, "Why not?" One has to be pretty arrogant to think that God (If one believes the Bible) created the entire universe, and then only populated ONE solitary planet out of those billions that were made.

  • freddo

    The May 8th 1992 Awake! Had on it's front cover ...

    "Help! We Are Aliens" and a picture of two olive skinned vulnerable people looking for assistance. (you can still find the words but not the picture on the WT CD-Rom - Awake! Page 2, May 8th 1992.)

    This was talking about "aliens" as in immigration and folk moving from one country/continent to another.


    So I am a young elder and taking one of the congregation's "special" teenagers on the ministry and it's "his turn". He was quite stilted in his speech and would pause at the "wrong" time making JW's accompanying him want to jump in to save embarrassment.

    So he holds out the magazine and says to the householder:-

    "HELP! WE ARE ALIENS! (long pause) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?"(another long pause)

    The householder looks at us and says "SO WHERE'S YOUR SPACESHIP?!"

    I start laughing, the kid looks bewildered and the householder shuts the door while tapping the side of his head.

  • WTWizard

    The worst blunder is that they claim Satan and His Demons are confined in the vicinity of the earth. Wrong! They live on a planet around one of the stars in the Belt of Orion. Those stars are between 800 and 1,200 light years away from earth, hardly "in the vicinity of the earth". (And that is why so many people are fascinated with that constellation, and the Belt in the middle.)

    As for joke-hova and its filthy angels, they are reputed to live on a planet around Alcyone, a star in the Pleiades. This star is only 440 light years away, meaning Satan is actually farther from the earth than joke-hova's filthy angels. For the record, the Pleiades is located somewhat north of Orion in the sky, and both are around the Taurus and Gemini boundary. Another reason why the star Alcyone is a bad star in astrology, and the stars in Orion are generally good (only Spica is regarded as more fortunate).

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