The Society is Blocking Research On their Web Site

by new boy 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • WillYouDFme

    You mean "Old Light" right:)

    We only need "present truth".

    Did you remember when that was the catchphrase - present truth. OMG

    I thought Truth was Truth? I thought that it didnt change?

  • zeb

    It was about a year ago ? they asked everyone to remove old wt libraries from their computers and to dispose of the actual discs.

    I had a rehash of the 'Truth' book that was an unashamed alteration of what the original had said but I have recently scrubbed a whole lot of stuff off this computer as i had so much of it.

    I was hopeful at one stage that i would be able to show these to my wife but lightning bolts and explosive wont get her to even glance at any criticism of the borg.

    Their lies are just so depressing. My wife was so insistent I get rid of the discs so i sent them onto another reader who was better served to research the flip flops of the wt.

  • zeb

    Not Culty.

    To all here this is a massive file.

    It adds an enormous library for anyone fighting abuse, it would worth sending it on to any ones lawyer so they have (if needed!) more background.

  • WillYouDFme

    Zeb - WOW what warning flags would cause her to say, hey why would they want me to do that?
    Why should I not have access to old magazines and books?

  • BethSarim Is My Name
    BethSarim Is My Name

    That's what is...

  • BethSarim Is My Name
    BethSarim Is My Name

    PS I still think this online database is super dangerous... no one can guarantee me that it will be unchanged as it's an easy repository to access and change content...

    But I had no idea people were told to DISPOSE of them... massive red flag,... and by the way JW's are super sentimental about the books... I remember it is seen as spiritual food I hated tossing scrumpled up books and magazines. At my mom's house there's a couple of closets worth of old books no one dares throw away...

  • vienne

    Zeb, do you have the actual reference for that? Was it a WT letter? Which date? Can you post it?

  • blondie

    I did notice that the WT has put the Proclaimers back on WOL.

  • kramer

    Please post the reference of the request to destroy old material. I don’t think that happened.

  • Tenacious

    When I first walked away I scoured the internet for every single out of print publication and downloaded them. I spent day and night researching and downloading. It was a mad house LOL.

    I now digitally own just about every publication they ever released.

    And thanks to Atlantis and the underground movement (God bless these people) I also own just about every letter and announcement ever made to elders and congregations.

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