Relationships after the Big A

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  • carla

    There was a post recently where the person was df'd (or da'd or fader?) and had a friend who had already died. Let's call the fader/df'd person Joe and the dead friend Bob. Anyway, the conversation was that Joe should come back to the org because in the new system after the Big A Bob would wonder what happened to Joe and would miss him.

    My question is this, sometimes I see that a df'd person must come back so they can be in the new system with loved ones and other times I see posts where the arrogant zealous jw says things like, "I'm glad I won't remember my non jw or apostate family members in the new system".

    So which is it? those that make it into the new system do remember previous life with non jw & apostate members or jah somehow makes them forget these people?


    hoping I am not having a senior moment here! I am not up to date on things or have I forgotten?

  • tiki
    tiki is all big heap cow dung. No senior moment or memory loss...simply These things make no sense. All silly conjecture.

  • OneEyedJoe

    It's whatever's most convenient to manipulate the target audience into (re)joining or staying in the cult.

    If it's someone who can't bear the thought of shunning their apostate child and is saddened by the prospect of spending eternity without them, it's the latter - the former things will not be called to mind. If it's someone that you want to guilt into coming back, it's that people will miss them - put the grief of a hundred people on their shoulders to make them feel guilty and return.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't believe either is clearly based on scripture.

    The idea of no remembrance of them may be interpreted from:

    Rev 21:3,4 where it states that they will not mourn . . . as the former things have passed away.

    Is 43:18 directed Israel not to remember the former things . . . . and

    Isa 65:17 says after the new heavens and new earth. . . . the former things will not be remembered or come to mind.

    NOT sure if this can be clearly found stated in WT publications, but I have heard it stated in talks or explanations.

    Hope that helps. Of course, JWs will always cherry pick whatever scripture seems to fit their thinking.

  • scratchme1010
    So which is it?

    First, no, I don't think that you are having a senior moment here. Second, in my experience the answer to the question is both (according to them). They are the kind of people who always want to be right in everything. When you take a closer look at what they claim and say, you will find a lot of things like that, where in scrutiny, doesn't hold as logical or true.

  • carla

    Thanks for the answers! Glad I am not going nuts or having a senior moment as I am far too young for one, I hope.

  • Vidiot

    There won't be any relationships.

    Everyone will live bland, sexless lives of piety and asceticism.

  • redvip2000
    There won't be any relationships.
    Everyone will live bland, sexless lives of piety and asceticism.

    Yes but think of the joy of spending countless days looking at children petting lions and copious amounts of fruit strewn on wooden tables, while your friendly African neighbor who insists on dressing in his native tribal garb smiles at you, and in the background, droves of people run down from the cemetery.

    All of this goodness is available to you, if you are thirsty for Kool-aid, and are pretty good about not asking questions.

  • Vidiot

    Sign me up, man...

  • notsurewheretogo

    Will there still be pillows?

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