Ozzie's Weekend Poll #73 (Rugby awash weekend)

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Well, as you can imagine, New South Wales was awash with rugby this weekend. The crowd downunder will turn out for just about anything sporting! Despite all that, (and it's still raining!), other things have been going on. Yep, at least Mrs Ozzie and I could get a very good table in a very good restaurant Saturday evening. I do like to concentrate on my shiraz!

    OK I feel a poll coming on! It?ll take our minds off other things, eh!

    So to help us reminisce together, we have the rain in Sydney to prompt this weekend?s poll question:

    When your field service group was caught in a storm, did you:
    1. Continue witnessing (just like the Rugby!)
    2. Take a break at McDonald?s
    3. Call in at Sister so-and-so?s place
    4. Go home
    5. Make return visits
    6. Make "shepherding calls"
    7. Get to know each other better!!
    8. Played "Kingdom Melodies"
    9. Gossiped
    10. Prayed it wouldn?t stop!
    11. Other (please detail)

    Hope you enjoy your thoughts. I know we will!


    Cheers, OzzieCheers 2

  • shamus

    We went and did "sheperding calls", LOL!

    Pretty sick, no? "The Lords Work Words In Mysterious Ways..."

  • Vivamus

    Depended on the sister or brother who was my witnessing partner right at that moment.

    I certainly always prayed it wouldn't stop... Then either go home or, if my partner didn't agree to that, having coffee at someone's place was fine too.


    Blue Bubblegum Girl

  • LeslieV

    First I would say I always prayed that it would not stop!!!! Rain Cloud

    Than we did Return VisitsĀ  Exec 2

    Than we all went to McDonalds Sipping Tea


  • qwerty

    Number 3 OR 4

  • CyrusThePersian


    Me personally, I prayed HARD that it wouldn't stop! As for the group, we would usually do # 5 Return Visits,then #2 McDonalds, and finally #4 GO HOME!!! YEEEHAAAAAA!!!!

    CyrusThePersian (of the 'It never rains on Saturday' class)

  • Mulan

    It would depend on what kind of a storm it was. If it started to snow, we quit and went home. There are way too many hills in our area to be safe driving or walking in that stuff.

    If it was a rain storm, we usually toughed it out, but we did take breaks to dry out or warm up.

    If it was a bad wind and rain storm, we quit and went home. Dangerous with the chance of trees falling or electrical wiring coming down on you.

  • CountryGuy

    It was usually a combination of any of these; but first and foremost, I prayed that it wouldn't stop. The day usually was half as long if it was raining.

  • Gadget

    We ussually went on 'calls', but in the hall I was in a few years ago there was a number of tower blocks and these were 'saved for a rainy day'.

  • blondie

    1. Continue witnessing (just like the Rugby!)
    2. Only if we had large number of apartments inside a building
    3. Take a break at McDonald?s
    4. If the rain started mid-morning

    5. Stop at Sister So and So?s Place
    6. She will be home but hiding so ditch that idea

    7. Go home
    8. If it was around 11:30 (otherwise see #1, #2, and #5)

    9. Make return visits
    10. After stopping at McDonalds

    11. Make "shepherding calls"
    12. Sisters don?t go on shepherding calls even unofficial ones

    13. Get to know each other better!!
    14. See #9

    15. Played "Kingdom Melodies"
    16. Never saw anyone have these cassettes in their vehicle?

    17. Gossiped See #2 and #7
    18. Prayed it wouldn?t stop!
    19. Not necessary, the elders wimped out at the first drop

    20. Other

    The only people I ever saw go in the rain or continue after it rained were pioneers behind in their time.

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