The Hypocrisy Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • minimus

    Celebrating holidays is wrong if you are a Witness. But almost every JW that I know of has turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They say , every day is a day of thanksgiving. Of course Witnesses don’t eat turkey with alll the fixings everyday!

    Birthdays are terrible too. How dare you make the day of your birth as something special! But if you want to celebrate your anniversary, well that’s ok.🙄

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    The same thing occurred to me when JWs were watching fireworks on 7/4 - "Oh we're just watching them, we're not celebrating Independence Day" - but isn't watching fireworks the celebration?

  • new boy
    new boy

    The real reason this is true is deep down inside even the most stanch Jehovah's Witness you will find a person that want to be just like everyone else.

  • Betheliesalot

    I heard it said that you only have one "birth" day and each successive year is just an anniversary of that event. Therefore it is an anniversary and there is no restriction on this terminology . So on your next birthday, just announce you are celebrating your anniversary and all will be fine.(sarcasm inserted here)

  • minimus

    Regarding the Fourth of July it was an elder on the body that wanted to disassociate someone because they had violated their neutrality by going to the fireworks.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Someone should send a card to Warwick commemorating their years of being with the UN.

  • minimus

    I always thought it was unbelievable that in 1979 I think the watch tower had a little birthday party for themselves celebrating 100 years

  • LongHairGal


    The hypocrisy of the JWs and how they all disappeared on Thanksgiving and other holidays was an early wakeup call for me.

    Yes, it was a Thanksgiving holiday many years ago when I was all alone looking at four walls when this happened..Mind you, I could have been with my Catholic family enjoying a wonderful meal. I felt like an idiot in my needless, self-imposed isolation and felt like some nut in the hills fighting a private war.

    I realized the Witnesses just wanted to separate me from my non-JW family (who are the only people who really care about me).. When I began my ‘fade’ years later, I made sure I reconnected with all my family and relatives before it was too late. This was priceless and probably the most important thing I did besides holding on to my full time job until retirement.👍🏻

  • sparky1

    Here you go, minimus. One of my friends at the time was a Circuit Overseer and he gave the talk at the District Assembly 'commemorating' this event. In regards to Thanksgiving, we always went to our non-Witness relatives house when I was a young boy. Post 1976, my dyed in the wool, fanatical mother (who would turn anyone in to the elders if they had a hangnail) always had a delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal and a few different Witness families that were our friends would always attend. And this was when we had our 'midweek' meeting on a Thursday night and no one bothered to go to the meeting that night.

  • minimus

    Lhg.... it’s amazing how certain things can hit us over the head and help us to get out.

    Sparky, that’s the article! .... the only difference between your situation and mine was that we were fine EXAMPLES and had to be at the meeting on Thursday night....and make believe we weren’t acting hypocritically.

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