GB Private Gazebo @ Warwick - Someone Proposed There & It Didn't Go Well...

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  • thedepressedsoul

    At Warwick there is a gazebo overlooking the lake. It's a nice peaceful setting. Well someone had the bright idea they were going to propose while they were at Warwick. They see this Gazebo and walk out to. He proposes to her and they take some nice pictures there of each other to remember their engagement.

    Well, a few minutes later Bethels version of the secret service comes running down the hill. A bunch of these guys tell them that they can't be there, this is for the GB use only. They meet there on Wednesdays when it's nice out instead of meeting in their office.

    It gets even crazier! They made them delete all the photos they took at this location. They gave some weird reason that they don't want tourist coming down and taking pictures of the gazebo and idolizing it because the GB have their meetings there on Wednesday on nice days. & that they didn't want other people getting the idea that this would be a good place to get engaged at.

    I can confirm this story 100% down to the smallest detail. One of the weirdest things I've ever witnessed. Talk about an awkward engagement.

  • darkspilver
  • Counter-Watchtower

    What does GB stand for?

  • Alfred
  • JRK


    It stands for "Governing Body."


  • Counter-Watchtower
    It stands for "Governing Body."

    Duh, I knew that then forgot haha. Thanks.

  • ScenicViewer
    What does GB stand for?

    Why it stands for a brand new 'Class' of Jehovah's Witness. Those at the top. Those who are elite. Those who are the GODs (Guardians Of the Doctrine) that Jehovah's Witness actually worship.

    They are the Gazebo Brothers!

  • stillin

    Godly Brethren

    Ghoulish Bosses

    Good Boys

  • tiki

    This cannot be real.....Seriously guys. We know they are absurd...but this has got to be a hoax.

  • carla

    Ghastly Bastards

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