Funny how these in it to the end Dems are dropping out, could this be why?

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  • JimmyYoung

    I am wondering if the dems dropping out who were "in it to the end" are dropping out because of having to shake hands and go into crowds with the Corona virus spreading. Hmmm.

  • truth_b_known

    Money. Plain and simple.

    Sanders and Biden have the money rolling in. Everyone else is tapped.

  • Simon

    To drop out the afternoon before Super Tuesday is pretty weird - it's not like any money they were going to spend hasn't already been spent. What happened to their vision and how important it all was?

    The only possible reason is that the DNC has given orders or someone has offered them a deal - they don't want Bernie to win, and it's clear now that Bloomberg can't stop him (and would make it more likely if anything) so their last hope is ... Joe Biden, LOL, now under investigation for the Ukraine corruption. Maybe he'd be impeached before his inauguration, 'cause thems the new standards, right?

    I still think the plan is that he'll pick Clinton as his running mate, and wow, it's a brave man that puts his "suicide" between her and the presidency.

    But she probably wouldn't even need to off him, the clips today of him ... oh dear, it's just embarrassing - you cringe on his behalf. He can't even get a basic well known quote out, if it were a one off you could excuse it but it's a regular thing:

  • frozen2018

    I was surprised to see Klobuchar drop out today as tomorrow is Primary day in Minnesota. Then again she had to cancel a campaign event in the Cities over the weekend because of left wing protesters. I'm guessing her internal polling showed a lot of weakness here so she bailed. Her ads are still running on TV (Pete's are also). No refunds on ad buys? I would think she would have donated her ad time to Biden.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Sorry Simon he will not be impeached. He was investigated while back on this and nothing found wrong. It's just another lie trump bought up to discredit Biden because trump was worry Biden would beat him in the presidential election. Of course I know all you X-Republicans now trumpers will be running around with your hair on fire telling me how wrong I am. I love how the only thing you always cry about put I see it's the trumpers rallying point is bringing up Clinton. Don't worry she is not going to run. No matter what others have said. I also hear Biden should consider a Republican not a trumper as a running mate. Have fun with my comment I really get a big kick out of what will be said. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon
    He was investigated while back on this and nothing found wrong

    Was he though, or was it a democrat rubber stamp exercise? Why has Ukraine just launched an investigation?

    Face it, he's damaged goods - everyone know his family has been on the take and he's a corrupt senile old fart. Trump will pound him into the debate stage.

    And wait till the convention before you are so confident that Clinton won't reappear like Beetlejuice. It's her time don't you remember? She hasn't forgotten - why do you think she's been popping up so often and talking about being able to beat Trump if she ran again?

    So Bernie, crazy commie, or has-been (never-been) confused old man who can't remember where he is and stumbles from gaff to gaff. Those are the glorious alternatives that your party is going to serve up. All the talk of diversity, all BS - it's just a talking point, not an inherent belief.

    "Round up the black people, it's an election year" - Obama, LOL

  • MeanMrMustard

    He’s the comeback kid... sniffer.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Why? Becaus trump is pushing them to do it so they will keep getting arms to continue fighting the Russians. I believe when Biden was investigated it was a Republican control Congress on both sides. You may be right about trump debating skills but bullies know how to take control of the stage. Question is will trump leave office when he loses the election in November? Is that when all the tumpers declare him ruler forever? I fear this will he won't. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon
    Question is will trump leave office when he loses the election in November?

    The only precedent we have for that is Obama, refusing to give up his parties control of government and attempting to appoint a successor. Real banana republic stuff. Then we have Clinton, refusing to accept the result of the election.

    Nothing Trump has done has been dictatorial - everything he's done has gone through the courts, travel ban appeals and so on. You're making empty claims with zero evidence and you don't get to do that anymore.

  • truth_b_known


    You bring up a great point by asking "Why drop out the day before Super Tuesday?" I do think it is the Democratic National Party shaking in their boots over Sanders popularity. It is a total report of 2016, only this time Biden plays the role of Clinton.

    The Democratic Party does not want Sanders to win the required delegates to secure his name on the November General Election ballot. Everyone dropping out so far has thrown their support to Biden.

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