The women that abandon “The Good News” are a large army

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  • Aimee.Padilla

    Hi, everybody:

    I thank you all for your comments and for taking the time to read my lines.

    My activism is mainly concentrated in Spanish. I am from Mexico and come from a macho society. So not only does the cult suppress her, but she also has to fight in the environment in which she lives.

    We Ex Jehovah's Witness women are warriors, in a battle against this religious cult. Let's never forget that we were once in there.

    I am an accountant and my father had to suffer the loss of privileges for allowing me to go to college. I suffered bullying and was singled out for not putting "Jehovah's Kingdom" first

    It is true that there are men who suffer to keep their families together, as I read in some comments over there, but that story is not for me to tell, it is for those who lived the experience.
    I am not here to judge the women who are still in the cult, my desire is to help them get out of the sect, because once upon a time someone helped me and now I am free.
    Thank you very much for your valuable comments. I send you a big hug :)
  • Drearyweather

    I sympathize with what the OP went through in her life. Good that she is free now though from the mental slavery that she experienced.

    In my life as a JW, most of the women that I came across in my life (including my mother, wife, and sister) were quite happy to be sitting in the congregation listening to talks, rather than give them. Many of them discussed how they felt pity about their husbands sitting through late at night for their meeting parts, elders meeting, and all.

    When I was an elder, I used to go for a lot of different meetings and came home tired. The best thing for me was my wife welcoming me with refreshments. I was happy that my wife didn't have those responsibilities and she was happy about that too. She spent that time looking after my old parents and taking care of my other needs. I was always grateful that she was spared of all the pressure that I was going through.

    My wife always said that while she has to remain submissive to a loving person like me, I had to remain submissive to a lot of uneducated, and rude men of authority in the JW world. Looking at my congregation, I saw that young girls were happier than the young men who were constantly being pressured to climb up the organizational ladder and being called upon for a lot of hard work.

    To be honest, in the JW organization, I have seen more unhappy men than unhappy women.

  • steve2

    The Bible and fundamentalist high control groups are first and foremost patriarchies not theocracies.

    best not blame an imaginary invisible "theocracy" for the behaviour, rules and policies of men.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    The real good news is that there are many woman who are leaving this particular oppressive misogynistic religoius cult.

    The other good news is there are many woman in today's society who never joined this religion framed in lies and oppressive corruption created by dishonest men..

  • Phizzy

    " The other good news is there are many woman in today's society who never joined this religion framed in lies and oppressive corruption created by dishonest men."

    And I wonder how those poor women trapped in the Org feel when they see how happy and successful such women are !

  • dogisgod

    Here is what I think. I read Elaine Pagels The Gospel of Thomas. I truly believe Jesus did come to fulfill the old covenant and make one anew. He hung out with women and they sat at the table with them. The deciples had problems with each other and more with the women. When Jesus died, Paul, who had never meant Jesus hijacked Jesus message and changes bringing back the old patriarchal Jewish teachings he believed in. Paul had position and respect in the Roman community and could recite scriptures at will being an educated man. It was easy to walk over the scattered scared followers who could easily return to the subjection of woman....if only to assuage their battered egos.

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