does the watchtower receive govenment subsides for their learn to read studies in 3rd. world countries?

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  • nowwhat?

    Just wondering

  • konceptual99

    Don't know about government subsidies but they have crowed about secular recognition of their Learn to Read programme...

    g01 7/22 pp. 6-9 Volunteers at Work

    Similar programs of Jehovah’s Witnesses have yielded success in other parts of the world. In the African country of Burundi, for example, the National Office for Adult Literacy (a department of the Ministry of Education) was so pleased with the results of the Witnesses’ literacy program that it gave an award to four of the program’s teachers for “the hard work put into teaching others to read.” Government officials are especially impressed that 75 percent of those who learned to read and write were adult women—a group that usually shies away from attending such programs.
  • Diogenesister

    Not surprising the Burundi folk who learned to read were adult women, they were probably already Witnesses pressured to read in order to improve their preaching work, since there are so many more female Witnesses than male. I obviously think it's a very good thing that poor women learn to read . I just worry that instead of improving their lives, they will be emotionally blackmailed into wasting their small amount of free time in 'service to Jehovah'.

    Wish there was a way of paging Orphan Crow , she knows a lot about this subject and is very passionate about Watchtower abuses in this area.

  • sparrowdown

    I'd say it goes toward them keeping their charity = tax exempt status.

    Quite sickening really that they teach people how to shun family, refuse blood, be homophobic, sexist and be a walking talking billboard for their cult and WT benefits.

  • scratchme1010

    Probably, they love money. Personally I can't care less.

  • smiddy

    sparrowdown , what can i say , except , SPOT On

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