Episode 5 of This JW Life is live - Enter the FOG - The Culture of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • dubstepped

    Episode 5 of the podcast is now up. I will take you into the FOG, tell you what it means, and explain it in the context of the JW culture. I also use another known cult model and show how it applies, along with some of my own stories thrown in.



    Cool will listen tonight !!

  • stuckinarut2

    Looking forward to it dubstepped!

    Thanks for sharing

  • jambon1

    Well done again. A neat explanation of FOG.

    The part about your grandfathers watch was both infuriating and very sad. As a sentimental person, this is really sad. It would've been lovely for you to have had that. Such madness!

  • dubstepped

    Thanks guys. I just got it uploaded and then watched the first two Harry Potter movies, the first ones I've ever seen, with some exJW friends. I'm probably demon possessed now according to the JWs.

    @jambon - Yeah, the watch thing was hard to take. It's been over twenty years now and it still makes me mad. I think that as much as it made me mad that it happened like that, it made me mad that my mom was so cavalier about it. Oopsy doesn't cut it at a point.

  • Phoebe

    Really enjoyed listening to it!

  • Moster

    gosh the poem was very disturbing and very depressing. Thanks for the podcast.

    (I learned to never trust any JW, and to lie about everything lol)

  • dubstepped

    @Moster - That poem was something, wasn't it? It burned me up when I originally came across it. Although I was the only person to say that it was awful, there was a JW that pm'ed me that was married to an unbeliever that thanked me for taking a stand. I mean, come on, that's the most prejudicial thing. Like all marriage in the Borganization work out, lol. There's so much dysfunction and abuse in JW families, yet they call out unbelievers as if they own 100% of family troubles on this planet. It's ridiculous.

    Yeah, trust issues abound with the cult. I got done wrong so many times.

  • jambon1

    I've read that poem before.

    Basically implies that all 'worldly guys' are controlling, wife beating, AIDS ridden bastards.

    The laugh being that there's so many JW elders who are known to beat their wives, children and end up smiling away while giving public talks.

    Creepy, creepy religion that is so out of touch with reality it's frightening.

  • dubstepped

    @jambon - I know right? They have so much dysfunction in their "happy families". I watched my own father give his public talks on how to have a happy family while his own kids hated him. 99% of it is like a game of pretend. It is so fake and just for appearances while it paints a picture of what is outside and projects it's own dysfunction outward onto the world at large.

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